It Is What It Is.....And Tom Cable Should Get A Fair Chance.

Randy LavelleCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

    • It Is What It Is.....And Tom Cable Should Get A Fair Chance,Just Like Kiffin Did.                                 Lane Kiffin got a chance at coaching the Raiders and blew it.                                                           Lane implemented the tempo and the drills at Practices,players got hurt before they even played a Regular season game.                                                                                                         Lane brought his plays and offense to the Raiders and tried to make them work,they didn't.                                                                                                         Lane tried to call the plays on offense,but made many mistakes and bad calls                                         Lane said he wasn't talking to Mr. Al Davis on a regular basis,he lied.                                                     Lane should have shown some loyalty to the owner who gave him a once-in-a- lifetime shot at making a name for himself in the NFL,he ( showing disloyalty)tried to (and eventually did)get a  coaching job elsewhere.                                                   Lane was NEVER a long time loyal fan of the Oakland Raiders,Tom Cable is. It is what it is and.......Al Davis made a mistake in hiring Lane Kiffin.                      So now Al shouldn't make another and rightfully give Mr. Tom Cable a "FAIR" chance (like he gave Lane).Shouldn't Tom get what Lane equally got in his chance to bring the Raiders back to winning?If not,then why not? Tom Cable  took over a diaster of a season full of controversy,injuries,and media just wanting more fuel to add to the fire.It's not new that sports writers/media,Raider Haters,and bandwagon fans all want to see the Raiders continue to: fail,lose,and be a dysfunctional organization,but i honestly think that Tom Cable could get us out of the slump.His favorite saying this past year was"It is what it is".I think this year his new saying will be"It was what it was".                                                                     Tom got the team to focus on the game at hand(which IS very hard to do when the media creates controversy and Al promotes it).Tom went out on a winning note against a team(The Bucs)who had a small chance to get into the playoffs and who i might add beat The Raiders in there last appearance in the Superbowl.                                                                                            Tom turned around a not so good bunch of lineman(Kwame Harris not included)into a power blocking and an ever improving pass blocking group of men.Tom gave Gregg Knapp a chance at running the offense until he took over and did a better job.                                                       Tom is a loyal long time Raider fan as well as a coach who desperately (like all us Die-hard Raider fans)want to turn things around to winning football games.                                                                                                  Tom made a few questionable play calls during his Interim time as coach,but i seriously doubt he would make those mistakes again.If Al Davis does hire Gilbride,i hope it's only on as an Offensive Coordinator.                                                                                                   If Al plans on hiring Winston Moss,i hope it's as a Defensive Coordinator.Same as any and all the other coaches applying for the head coaching job. Al Please ,give Tom Cable the same chance  you gave all the other knuckleheads before him.                                                                                                   He deserves at least a full year before you can consider him a failure and i think one year is fair.