AFC South Free Agency: Grading the Houston Texans

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistMarch 22, 2012

This guy isn't around any more.
This guy isn't around any more.Bob Levey/Getty Images

Of all the free agency recaps I've written, the Texans' will be the shortest.

Chirp Chirp Chirp

The Houston Texans have yet to sign anyone in free agency.

Oh, they've lost a few players. They've re-signed a couple of guys, but they haven't added anyone.

Houston fans aren't all that happy these days, and they've been testy when it was suggested that their team might be headed for a fall defensively. The one good move the Texans have made still resulted in losing a player.

If there is any silver lining in the free agency period for Houston fans, it's this recent study of the effectiveness of free agency in team building. It seems the best teams don't sign free agents. It's a drum I've been pounding for years.

The fact is that the Texans got themselves in hot water with the salary cap thanks in part to free-wheeling in the market before. Since 2006, they were one of the most active teams in free agency, and it hasn't contributed to much winning until recently.

So take heart, Texans fans. Not doing anything might just be the best move you can make.


Grade: D

Yeah, I know.

I just said a bunch of nice things about how not signing anyone is the way to go.

Still, the main basis for these grades is how a team improves. No matter how smart it is not to sign free agents, there is no question that the Texans haven't actually improved much over the past two weeks. They gained a draft pick for Demeco Ryans and some cap health. In exchange they lost a lot of talent.

That's not a great swap.