Giant Predictions for Eli Manning: Conspiracy Theory for 2009 Offseason

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

David Carr will be starting quarterback for Giants. Why? The Giants went on an amazing run last year to win the Super Bowl and Eli Manning won MVP. New York Daily News reports that Eli may be offered a huge contract to remain in New York since his contract is set to expire after next season.  

The Giants have more dire things on their hands this year.  Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward have contracts that expire now. The best rushing team in the NFL is facing the possibility of being broken up. Eli Manning will demand a large amount of money to remain in New York next year. 

The Giants need to decide if he is worth it. It would safer to secure the running game that won them 12 games this year and would have won them a playoff game if given a chance. Yes, Eli won the MVP of Super Bowl XLII, but he did not deserve it.

David Tyree made the miraculous catch on a “hail marry” pass, as well as catching a touchdown pass, which should have earned him the award. Also, Manning’s play has been decent, but not better than the top quarterbacks in the game. He still has awful games and his accuracy is questionable.

Without Plaxico Burress, the Giants passing game was not the same. Adding him to the mix against the Eagles would have given them a sure trip to the NFC Championship game. Burress size and ability makes Eli’s accuracy less of a concern and his flaws less noticeable. Securing Eli does not mean securing success. It does mean decreasing salary cap room.

The Giants made no mistake by drafting Andre Woodson and signing David Carr in the offseason. Jerry Reese is an amazing General Manager and is able to think outside the box. Remember, Reese was not behind the drafting of Eli Manning. He has no emotional connection to admitting the Eli Manning pick was a failure.

David Carr is a capable quarterback who has not played behind a good offensive line.  His potential has been unknown throughout his career. Reese’s plan is to trade Eli Manning and install David Carr as the new starting quarterback. Andre Woodson will then take over reigns as backup and be groomed to be Carr’s replacement one day. 

Now, the Giants will use the freed cap room to either surround Carr with the best weapons available in free agency and the draft or commit to the running game and add depth to the offensive line and defense.

Eli is open to this idea, as while it will draw media attention initially, he will be out of the spotlight in New York.  The Giants will look to land and established or upcoming receiver in the trade to replace Burress or to play alongside him if he returns.

Possible Trades

1. Eli Manning to Minnesota Vikings for Sidney Rice, third-round Draft Pick, and sixth-round Draft Pick. Sidney Rice would be a nice replacement or complement to Burress, at 6'4" 202 lbs. Vikings desperately need a quarterback that they can name their starter and keep as their starter.

 2. Eli Manning to Arizona Cardinals for Antuan Boldin and third-round Draft Pick.  This option may be more likely if Burress does not return, since it seems Boldin would rather be held in higher regard than any other receiver on his team. Also, this is assuming the Kurt Warner will retire after this year or part with the Cardinals. 

3. Eli Manning to Tampa Bay for second-round Draft Pick, third-round Draft Pick, and second-Round Draft Pick in 2010. Tampa Bay wants younger option than Jeff Garcia. Giants love draft picks.

4. Eli Manning and second-round Draft Pick to Detroit Lions for second-round Draft Pick, third-round Draft Pick, and fifth-round Pick.  Lions need an answer at quarterback and could use their number one pick on building the defense.

5. If Eli wishes to stay in New York and Brett Favre retires: Eli Manning to Jets for first-round Draft Pick.  Eli will replace Favre and Giants will use pick to select the best linebacker available, Brian Cushing or Brandon Spikes.


Note: I put this in humor because I realize there is a .001 percent chance of this happening and the idea is slightly comical. However, I believe this scenario could make the Giants an even more solid team. Remember the taste of the recent Giants loss is still in my mouth and I have never been too fond of Eli Manning.