Road to WrestleMania 28: Why John Cena Is at His Best Right Now

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IMarch 21, 2012

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John Cena is the best he has ever been.

As of late, Cena has been dominating The Rock in their cold war. Whether it was the passionate promo he cut on February 13 or the two-minute rap he laid out in his old gimmick, Cena's performance is better than it has ever been. 

The Cena that the WWE Universe and the IWC have grown to hate has been slowly fading away because his kiddy attitude has died out.

Cena's promos do not consist of him talking about how he will never give up anymore. Cena also doesn't come out and make lame jokes to the crowd about The Rock like he used to about his other opponents. He is fixing everything the fans have hated about him by staying away from these tendencies.

The pop he received when he came out as the Dr. of Thuganomics was one of the biggest he has had in years. The fans were completely behind Cena even when he was ripping on one of the biggest fan favorites of all time, his WrestleMania 28 opponent, The Rock. 

The fans were not behind Cena just because he came out in a Cleveland jersey with a chain around his neck. The fans were behind him because the use of his old gimmick along with his recent gimmick tweak made them realize how great he really is. 

Sure his match with Mark Henry was a typical "Super Cena" match, but that should not take away from his recent dominance. 

Although The Rock is getting a bigger pop than Cena every time his music hits, it does not mean that his promos are as effective.

If someone is able to outperform The Rock on the mic then they definitely have accomplished something, and Cena is doing just that.

Cena has been able to come out and rattle The Rock with only two to three minutes on the mic, while The Rock continuously makes high school jokes about Cena and his supposed lady parts. 

It is starting to feel like The Rock and Cena have switched roles.

Isn't Cena the one that makes these childish jokes about his opponents? Isn't it The Rock who comes out and rattles his opponents with his work on the mic? Hasn't the WWE Universe grown tired of the childish jokes and games Cena has been playing? 

The answer to all these questions is yes, but this time it is not Cena that is guilty of this, it is The Rock. 

The Rock has helped Cena step his game up and he has been stepping up like never before. His promos are great, his gimmick has evolved and the fans have gone a bit easier on him as of late. 

Cena is going to have his last chance to fire a big shot at The Rock this Monday night. Expect him to come at The Rock and deliver one of his best promos in front of the WWE Universe on Raw. His new passion will lead his voice through the microphone as he prepares himself and the world for the biggest matchup in WWE history. 

Cena still may not be the most popular guy with the WWE fans, but there is no denying that he is at his best right now. 


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