Dallas Cowboys: Ed Werder and the Good People of ESPN Are at it Again

Roberto ArevaloCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

(Writer's Note: this is another rant and I may or may not come back and add more. Also, feel free to post a relevant picture to match.)

"You want to know the 13 scariest words in professional football this year? "For more on the Cowboys, let's go to Ed Werder at Valley Ranch.''

Ira Kaufman, pro football writer for the Tampa Tribune.

Ira Kaufman, you are absolutely correct.

Ed Werder is digging for dirt again.

His latest story—surprise...surprise—"The Dallas Cowboys are discussing the release of Terrell Owens."

Once again, Mr. Werder has come with a story based on "inside sources", that due to what everyone says was a divided locker room last season, the only way to promote team camaraderie is to get rid of T.O.

Now I have already given my stance on how I feel about T.O. and his place with the Cowboys—I won't repeat myself.

I just think that people need to form their own opinions on this matter and look at the facts objectively. Ed Werder and most of ESPN clearly have it out for him. If you are able to look past that, you will see T.O. is a valuable part of this team.

Everyone that is reporting this story is saying—"going off of what ESPN.com is reporting."

Do you want to know what a double-standard is? Try ESPN pushing this story and making T.O. the villain as usual when they did nothing to defend him or to address Cris Carter's comment (he released a pathetic statement later) of threatening to shoot T.O.!

That right there should let you know how ESPN feels about Terrell Owens.

Do you remember how Werder reported that T.O was jealous of Romo and Witten making plays? Well, I truly believe Carter, Keyshaun Johnson, and Werder are doing exactly the same thing—plotting against T.O.

Cris Carter let his feelings be known with his comment. We all remember T.O. laughing at Keyshaun and saying he was the reason that he's in the booth. And after this season, especially after the Giants' postgame press conference, we know how T.O. feels about Werder and vice versa.

I'm sure my frustration is evident as you read this, and it should be. I just find it ridiculous how the ESPN conglomerate devotes so much time to attacking the Cowboys instead of reporting real news.

In the NFC East alone, the topics are clear as day to report—Eli Manning reverting to his old form, what will the Eagles do with McNabb and Dawkins in the offseason, and even Plaxico's ongoing situation.

As for the rest of the league, why not talk about the mother of Larry's Fitzgerald's child accusing him of beating her? This guy is still in the playoffs, right?

Don't you think that would be more relevant news to the NFL and ESPN right about now.

Until ESPN has something to say with direct sources, I will not believe anything they have to say about the Dallas Cowboys and encourage you all to take the same stance.

Enough is enough.