The Curious Case Of Terrell Owens

Roberto ArevaloCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

Terrell Owens is man of mythical proportions. 


Say his name in San Francisco, and people will laugh in your face.


Say his name in Philly. Or, if you're brave enough, wear his jersey. And, well, good luck.


Do the same in Dallas, or anywhere around the country among the Cowboys faithful, and this is where the story gets interesting.


The 2008 season that had so much promise for the Cowboys has come to screeching halt, and all eyes seem to be on one man. Terrell Owens aka "T.O."


Now, before I go any further, let's go back to where it all started before we get to what's going on now. His humble beginnings started growing up in Alabama, where he raised by his mother and grandmother.


He grew up with three other siblings and did not play sports until high school. Some say the lack of a male-dominant figure early in his life has led to some of his outbursts with players and coaches, and his egocentric personality.


He attended the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, where he was a two-sport athlete in basketball and football.


He has said on more than one occasion hat tnot being recognized by top-tier college football programs is what drives him every Sunday.


He was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 1996 NFL Draft, with the 89th overall pick, in what seemed to be a dream come true being able to line up with and learn from his idol, the great Jerry Rice.


It is important to note here this was the "class of the receiver," with Keyshawn Johnson going No. 1 overall ,and Marvin Harrison, among others, being a part of the same class, as well. He has said on more than one occasion being among the last in this class is what drives him every Sunday.


He had several productive early years with the 49ers that included the game-winning catch against the Packers during the 1998 playoffs, an NFL record against the Bears—20 catches for 283 yards—and taking a Sharpie out of his sock and signing the football after a TD reception.


However, there was a certain disagreement he had with QB Jeff Garcia, and some name-calling that went after, and differences with then coach Steve Mariucci.


End of Chapter I, right?


Well, not exactly.


He demands, and gets traded to ,Philadelphia after wearing out his welcome for things just mentioned, and probably more.


But hey, new start right? All’s well that ends well.


Donovan McNabb is ecstatic about finally having a legitimate weapon, and they go crazy. Super Bowl bound in no time, right?


Yes, unfortunately they lose.


The next season things get interesting again.


All hell breaks loose in the Eagles locker room, and that has a ripple effect through the organization. They have no choice but to release him.


So what do you do when you get released—sit-ups in your driveway. Duh!


This leads us to our current situation—a marriage that seemed like destiny. Get Your Popcorn Ready!


It's not like this guy ever disrespected the Star in Texas Stadium, right?


Nope. All was forgotten.


The "All-World" receiver who loves the attention, with an owner who craves the spotlight, were getting together to bring America's Team back to dynasty form.


And so the stage was set.


Well, not exactly.


Among the fans, yes. Among the head coach, no. Bill Parcells aka "The Big Tuna," never meshed, or gave a chance, with T.O. to make it work.


Enter Wade Phillips—a player's coach. 2007 shows all the signs. A 13-3 season. A Pro Bowl season for T.O. He finally has a QB, in Tony Romo, he can appreciate. The possibilities were endless.


He even cried for his QB, at the end of last season! That’s his QB! Surely the man has changed.


This season was no different.


He sent a text message after the loss against the Eagles in good faith hoping he's doing well, mentally and physically.


But hey, not so fast remember, this is Terrell Owens we’re talking about and it was only a matter of time he got to the team. 


And so here we are at the end of the 2008 season, and what do we have to show for it?


A Team Obliterator.


A Cancer.


A man who writes children’s books.


A man who helped a sportswriter, of all people, after a freak accident during last year’s ESPYs.


A man who only celebrated after scoring his 10 touchdowns this season with his initials, despite a reputation that precedes him.


A man who continues to have no off-the-field problems, and only demands the ball because he wants to help the team win.


A man who donates to 81 families in the greater Dallas area every Christmas to those less fortunate.


Who would want such a character in the great Cowboys locker in a league full of Angels and Saints?


Let's dump this guy. Or better yet, let Cris Carter take care of him!


We saw what happened last year against Carolina when he went out. The offense looked great! And now with Roy E. Williams here, Romo can really open it up.


Finding someone that can match his production, and the attention he demands from defenses each and every week, is a non-issue. That's what draft picks are for!

It's not like his teammates like him enough to name him team captain for the 2008 season, right?


It's not like he is a respected teammate that mentors the younger receivers.


This man has not learned a single thing from his experiences in Philly and San Fran. And because of his past, he cannot be a part of our future. Simple as that.


Cowboys fans deserve a leader.


Someone who will yell at his teammates on the sidelines.


Someone who is not afraid to show his emotions on the field.


Wait, come to think of it. Isn't that what everyone wants out of Tony Romo?


Eh, forget it. It's not a double standard—it's different. Romo's the QB and T.O. is a WR. If Romo does it, he's a leader. If  T.O. does it, he's probably just whining about not getting the ball or throwing someone under the bus like always.


We can do without his brutal honesty at press conferences. It's not like he's the only one who senses the problems with the offense.


And if he does have a problem, why does he have to straight to the offensive coordinator and voice his opinion. Doesn't he know better? That's what Ed Werder is for! Tell him and he'll relay the message. Silly rabbit. 


ESPN is right.


Cris Carter. Terrell Davis. They’re all right.


We can’t win with a guy like that.


He, and he alone, is the reason the Cowboys lost seven games this year, and failed to beat the Eagles with a playoff berth on the line.


We get rid of him, and all our problems go away.




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