Atlanta Falcons Cap Fiasco Deserves Some Blame Starting at the Top

Frank SpartiCorrespondent IIMarch 20, 2012

Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank
Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur BlankStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

There is just one thing to say to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank: "Come on Mr. Blank, open your eyes!"

A recent press conference reported on by the Atlanta Journal Constitution at had Arthur Blank confirm his faith in Atlanta's head coach Mike Smith. A second article from the same press conference had Falcon's general manager Thomas Dimitroff explaining that he is doing as much as he can in free agency.

Both of the comments are a response to fan dissatisfaction with the direction the team seems to be taking. Key players are looking elsewhere and there are no true replacements nor upgrades being secured.

The issue is that this problem was brought on by Thomas Dimitroff and the Atlanta Falcons brain trust.

A teams payroll capitalization can be figured out to the penny if you are the one executing all the players contracts. Knowing how much you are spending and calculating cap space for the next year or two is critical to a teams success.

Not only did management leave too little cap room to make the needed moves in free agency but knowing this problem they did the unthinkable.

The Atlanta Falcons should have known how limited they were in the ability to bring in free agents so they should have protected their draft picks because they are even more priceless to the team.

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith
Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Mike SmithKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Instead, management traded for a wide receiver, with a net loss of four draft picks.

To be fair, Julio Jones is great and he will be great for Atlanta.

Mike Smith is an excellent coach with the right personality for the players. I love it when he gets so mad on the sidelines that he purses his lips like a seven year old about to throw a tantrum. I would keep a photo like that in my office for motivation.

Finally, Thomas Dimitroff has had more good moves than bad, when it comes to personnel.

The thing is that sometimes, someone, somewhere needs to fess-up and take some blame. The Atlanta Falcons are in a bind because a huge mistake was made.