1. Arthur Blank, Dan Quinn support Matt Ryan despite struggles https://t.co/GwqoKdslBG

  2. ICYMI: Falcons owner Arthur Blank stands behind Matt Ryan. https://t.co/Dvwz0HiOjY

  3. Dan Quinn, Arthur Blank reiterate confidence in Matt Ryan https://t.co/yNy9wTnFSj

  4. Arthur Blank's thoughts on Matt Ryan. https://t.co/Dvwz0HiOjY

  5. Wouldn't be surprised to see Falcons president/CEO Rich McKay reinstated to the competition committee soon. Owner Arthur Blank said soon.

  6. ``We could not be more thrilled to make Julio a Falcon for life,'' Falcons owner Arthur Blank said.

  7. That moment when Arthur Blank gives you the big news #RiseUp http://t.co/07Ay4GvnyT

  8. Six years, $81.426 million for Julio Jones on a deal that owner Arthur Blank says makes Jones a "Falcon for life" http://t.co/LwIrQe7zuy

  9. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank congratulating Julio Jones on his new contract http://t.co/P9bKAiMOHu http://t.co/EkGE3KX2F4

  10. Jones impressed Blank during contract talks http://t.co/q7VU4I9Nj5 #Falcons

  11. Arthur Blank appreciated Julio Jones’ attitude during contract talks, and rewarded him for it http://t.co/Cg24nC7LYA

  12. Jones gets five-year deal. Blank ‘thrilled to make Julio a Falcon for life,’ as receiver signs $71.25 mil contract. http://t.co/bhn4IwnUjb

  13. #Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones impressed owner Arthur Blank during contract talks https://t.co/WLoMs34IvT

  14. Falcons Owner and Chairman Arthur Blank says he is very excited with the direction of his football team.

  15. Blank says he thinks it is very important that the franchise maximizes QB Matt Ryan during the prime of his career.

  16. Blank says the relationship with Head Coach Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff is working beautifully.

  17. #Falcons owner Arthur Blank said today's ruling was not "Healthy" for the NFL. Story to post shortly. http://t.co/cGNiU0VvMd

  18. Falcons owner Arthur Blank on the Tom Brady ruling and NFL's decision to appeal, "I think it's unfortunate that... http://t.co/CqM8W5quYS

  19. #Falcons owner Arthur Blank said Brady ruling is ‘unhealthy’ for #NFL https://t.co/4eN0bJHw82

  20. ICYMI: #Falcons owner Arthur Blank said Tom Brady ruling is ‘unhealthy’ for #NFL https://t.co/5H8vKAHHt6

  21. Now #Falcons owner Arthur Blank says the NFL needs to change its discipline process. Momentum growing fast http://t.co/ENQT6fF6iZ

  22. ICYMI: #Falcons Arthur Blank says Brady ruling is 'unhealthy' for #NFL May be time to look at commissioner's powers. https://t.co/1dzIDY2Her

  23. NFL should rethink player discipline, Falcons owner Arthur Blank says http://t.co/g1PcqZBUq9 http://t.co/hwl8cSKjom

  24. Thanks to Arthur Blank, Goodell's job security now up for debate http://t.co/X97wmoB8pT http://t.co/6lpgSgkYWU

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  27. Forbes values Falcons at $1.67 billion, triple Blank’s purchase price http://t.co/h3oOBSWykQ #Falcons

  28. Country star @coleswindell meets with Arthur Blank and family #PHIvsATL http://t.co/LcyCxiqGzV

  29. Time to win one for the boss! Happy birthday to Falcons owner Arthur Blank! #RiseUp http://t.co/HlCsUrzN4B

  30. #Falcons gave owner Arthur Blank a big birthday gift with. 39-28 win over the #Cowboys

  31. Falcons owner Arthur Blank appreciates the 3-0 birthday gift. http://t.co/xHnvguk3ZU

  32. Undefeated start quite a birthday gift for Falcons owner Arthur Blank http://t.co/cM64byBntV

  33. ICYMI: Falcons owner Arthur Blank gets a 3-0 birthday gift. http://t.co/xHnvguk3ZU

  34. Cover 9@9: #Falcons owner Arthur Blank impressed with coach Dan Quinn’s in-game adjustments http://t.co/eMFJiDqUXB

  35. Cover 9@9: Blank impressed with Dan Quinn's in-game adjustments http://t.co/2wmDFV1MR8 #Falcons

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  37. Rain or shine, The Blank Family of Businesses was proud to Walk Like MADD last week: http://t.co/LcFJIQUhw1 http://t.co/j9tER7Zd58