Denver Broncos: 10 Reasons Trading Tim Tebow Would Be a Mistake

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIMarch 19, 2012

Denver Broncos: 10 Reasons Trading Tim Tebow Would Be a Mistake

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    The Denver Broncos are in the process of signing free agent quarterback Peyton Manning, as reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter, but if they think trading Tim Tebow is the next best move, they're dead wrong.

    It seems that inserting Manning under center means Tebow Time in Denver has run out. Now that the Broncos have the most coveted free agent quarterback from this offseason, reports indicate they're likely to ship Tebow out of town.

    While the front office and coaching staff believe there's no room for him on the roster, Tebow can still contribute to the Broncos, even if he's not the starter this year or next.

    Here are 10 reasons the Broncos would be foolish to trade him.

Denver Has No Backup

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    The Denver Broncos have no other quarterback on the roster right now.

    Sure, they can draft one. A young guy who can hold the clipboard for a little while and learn everything there is to know about quarterbacking in the NFL from one of the greatest of all time is no poor option.

    But why can't Tim Tebow do that?

    He's still young. He can still learn. Having him behind Peyton Manning would be the best thing that could possibly happen to him.

    Just look at what Brett Favre did for Aaron Rodgers.

Tebow Is Still Young

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    Tim Tebow is no Kyle Orton.

    He's not a guy who's been in the league awhile and believes he deserves to start. He doubtfully would demand a trade if anyone else starts.

    Okay, he believes he can start, but at just 24 years old and in the league for just two seasons, he's still young and impressionable.

    Why give up on him now when he hasn't even reached potential?

    He's got time on his side and he's healthy.

Tebow Is a Fantastic Leader

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    Tim Tebow has demonstrated his ability to lead numerous times.

    In 2011 alone, he was at the helm of six come-from-behind wins.

    He never let the pressure get to him. Instead, he took the team to an 8-8 record, he helped win an AFC West title, and he played a significant role in carrying the Broncos to the AFC Championship game.

    All of this after the Denver Broncos simply thought to give him some reps after a 1-4 start.

He's Already Done so Much for the Community

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    Within his first year with the Denver Broncos organization, Tim Tebow set up shop for his foundation.

    Since then, he's held countless events and hosted dozens of disadvantaged children in the Denver area to front-row seats at Mile High Stadium.

    Even if he starts a similar foundation in the vicinity of a new team, there's going to be tons of kids and supporters with broken hearts.

He Wants to Be Better

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    Tim Tebow's accuracy is terrible, and it's due to his throwing mechanics.

    But it's not like he's stubborn about it. Not once has he ever said, "oh well fans, deal with it."

    Instead he's worked with experts on changing the motion he's developed over his entire life.

    He worked pre-draft, and now he's back at it again.

    Tebow is currently working with UCLA Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone. The pair work twice a day, starting with the basics and building up from there.

    No one takes that much time or puts forth that much effort for fun.

The Broncos Haven't Gotten Full Worth Yet

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    Former head coach Josh McDaniels traded up in the draft to select Tim Tebow with the 25th pick. In the process, he gave up the Denver Broncos' second, third and fourth-round picks.

    Half the picks in the 2010 draft are gone and the guy they used them on is out the door as well?

    What a waste.

    If anything, the Broncos need to keep him around a little while longer and look to get their picks' worth back. Otherwise, it's a blunder.

The Broncos Won't Get Much in Return

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    I just mentioned the Denver Broncos gave up three draft picks for Tim Tebow.

    After two years, what will they get back in return?

    I'm guessing not much.

    The popular logic seems to be, "if John Elway and John Fox don't want him, why would anyone else?"

    That question alone is going to plague the Broncos' chances of getting anything decent for Tebow. His current throwing mechanics and career passer rating certainly won't sweeten the deal.

    I'm guessing a third-round pick at best. A second-rounder would be astonishing.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars are the most probable candidate, but they have Blaine Gabbert already and just signed Chad Henne.

How Healthy Is Manning?

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    Let's all imagine for a moment that Peyton Manning starts as the Denver Broncos quarterback in 2012, the team drafts a quarterback and sends Tim Tebow packing.

    Now let's imagine Manning goes down early, say, in the third week of the season.

    Does Brandon Weeden back him up effectively? Does Kirk Cousins or Brock Osweiler?

    These guys all have potential, but they're rookies and they don't know the system, let alone the NFL.

    Tebow is as young as they are (younger than Weeden). He knows Denver, he knows the system and he knows the NFL.

    More importantly, the Broncos know what he can do.

    If Manning goes down and a rookie is left to pick up the pieces, the Broncos' fanbase goes down too, and Denver drops back into irrelevance for the season.

    If Manning goes down and Tebow is there to step in, the excitement and interest remains just as healthy and playoff hopes aren't yet dashed.

He Isn't Costing Much

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    In 2012, Tim Tebow stands to earn a base salary of $1.9 million. That's not all that bad for a backup quarterback with his potential.

    The Denver Broncos can't say they don't have the finances to afford Peyton Manning and Tebow.

    The money isn't an excuse.

Tebow Saved This Franchise

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    The Denver Broncos were irrelevant before the 2011 season even began. After Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall left the team, most fans outside of Denver forgot about the team altogether.

    Then Tim Tebow was drafted and interest peaked.

    Then Tebow took the reins and Tebow-mania lit the world on fire.

    The Broncos were in the spotlight week in and week out, whether you loved Tebow or hated him.

    Off and running, not only did Tebow put the Broncos back into headlines, he helped them win.

    So his reward is "thanks and see you later?"

    That's a dirty move by John Elway and John Fox, the two men who continuously said time after time they supported Tebow 100 percent.

    How is a fanbase supposed to trust these guys?