WWE Wrestlemania Celebrations: Rest Assured About the Event—I Miss Being a FAN

Iam D Real Deal yoSenior Writer IMarch 21, 2012

Wrestlemania 28 is just two weeks away, and I HATE being sensible this time of the year.

My above revelation is shocking to you, isn't it? There is a reason why I would very much prefer to be a layman than a well-versed "pseudo" wrestling journalist right now.

Three years ago (the last time that I watched Wrestlemania without having followed wrestling on the internet) I saw Wrestlemania 25. Contrary to what online critics might say, I enjoyed the event when I watched the whole event unfurl in front of my eyes on a television screen.

Once I read an online review of the event two to three months into the event, I became judgmental of the WWE, which is textbook for any person who goes from being a "FAN to a wrestling critic."

I was on the edge due to the ambiguity offered by John Layfield quitting on wrestling's biggest stage. I always felt that he would return some day and attack Mysterio, renewing his feud with him. I enjoyed the triple threat match for the WWE Championship simply because of that sweet spot where John Cena had both Edge and Big Show over his head for an attitude adjustment.

That match did not rank as high as some of the other matches I had seen at Wrestlemania, but I still enjoyed that match while having some snacks and sipping some cola.

But once I read a review of the event, a realization hit me. A realization that made me worldly wise in terms of my knowledge about the product, but then at the same time "stole" that sense of innocence and ambiguity I enjoyed as a clueless wrestling fan.

Which brings me to last week's episode of RAW.

First of all, I completely enjoyed both John Cena's rap and The Rock's concert. While I am bound to be biased in favor of Cena and bound to be critical of The Rock, thanks online writers pointing out that The Rock read lyrics from the screen and from a notebook kept in front of him, I have to admit that overall I enjoyed The Rock's concert more than Cena's rap.

I realized that while I am very much happy knowing a lot of things about the world of professional wrestling, I'd still prefer being kept oblivious of a lot of things.

Now, I am not sure if people share the same line of thought as myself, but I, for one, prefer dealing with life as it comes rather than knowing well in advance about what is to come. Hence, this article/rant as you want to put it.

To explain my cause, allow me to give you an example.

Over the past 10 years (that I have been watching wrestling), I have often witnessed many wrestlers leave the company to cool off and come back fully rejuvenated. Now, there are two wrestlers in particular about whom I would talk about here.

One would be Jeff Hardy when he left somewhere around the end of 2003 to return in 2006, and the next would be Chris Jericho when he was "kayfabe" fired only to return in November 2007. On both occasions, I kept hoping against hope that I see them in the next episodes of RAW and or Smackdown. But my wait would not be answered soon.

Every time I saw the general manager or another wrestler would make a match where a given wrestler would face any surprise entrant, I would assume or hope that either Chris Jericho or Jeff Hardy was returning. But much to my disappointment, those "surprises" would be giants like Big Show, Kane or even The Great Khali.

While many would call me out for enjoying such so-called misery. This misery quite frankly always kept me on the edge, and I was always looking forward to watching WWE programming. I wouldn't even miss WWE After Burn, WWE Bottomline, WWE HEAT or WWE Velocity (nostalgia at it's best) hoping against hope that these guys would make a surprise return.

When they did return, boy! it felt like reaping the fruits of my own hard work. It was like experiencing Christmas way before Christmas.

Now, the things are not the same. It would kill me if I didn't go online to check why a particular superstar was not appearing on WWE programming. Hence, I would find out if and when he is returning, thus killing any ambiguity I enjoyed as a wrestling fan.

This is also the very reason why in the last two to three years, I have barely seen not more than 30 percent of episodes of RAW and Smackdown, simply because I know it all before it happens.

WWE PPV's are the only thing which I have completely seen in the same time period, probably because the WWE has done well in hiding the outcomes of those events from the internet fans so far. Plus, there is the hype factor as well.

The reason why such a thing hit me is because at least for the past three to four weeks, I have been watching RAW regularly. Also, I have been following wrestling a lot less over the internet, and, believe me, I have never enjoyed WWE so much in these past couple of weeks as I have in the last three years.

Now, let's go back to the all important John Cena-Rock rivalry.

Many of my regular readers know that I am HUGE John Cena fan ( I say that almost every article by the way). What many don't know is that two years ago, both John Cena and The Rock were equally my favorites. How did I suddenly stop liking The Rock so much? That is a story for another day.

But getting back to my point, I have been enjoying this feud, as it has been heating up with every episode of RAW passing by.

In retrospect, there are a lot of things which have prevented me from enjoying this rivalry to the fullest.

First of all, as brainy and intelligent as the internet is, it keeps explaining to me all those things said during their verbal and textual (via Twitter) exchanges thus killing any ambiguity I enjoyed with the product earlier.

Secondly, I know well in advance when The Rock is scheduled to appear and when he is not. Knowing the stories of Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy I told earlier and the fact that I was a huge Rocky mark not so long ago, one can imagine how disappointed I feel when The Rock's appearance on RAW does not excite me one bit. Its all known to me hence there is no scope of a surprise.

Lastly, and most importantly. it's like the internet has fed it into my brain, albeit logically, that John Cena is going to win. I call Cena winning logical myself because I don't see that The Rock has anything to gain from beating him. Since Cena is still going to continue to wrestle, he is better off proving his worth in the ring.

But most notice that this logic of Cena winning sounding logical would never have entered my mind had I not read anything on the internet. I was hyped up even when on an episode of Smackdown way back in December 2003 when the event took place in San Diego I saw Mysterio challenge Lesnar for the WWE championship. 

Had I been a part of the IWC back then, I would have dismissed any chances of Mysterio winning on grounds of Brock Lesnar being pushed and Mysterio still needing to prove his worth in the cruiser heavyweight division.

But the mere fact that Mysterio called out Lesnar for having called his hometown names—and hence challenged him to a match—hyped me up, showing just how excited I can be.

One can only imagine how more excited I could have been for the Rock-Cena match had I not followed wrestling over the internet. I am already very excited, but I am being selfish about being more excited, and I am fine with it. 

Then, I have no right to blame any of the online wrestling sources, either. They do their own business and never force me into reading anything they say, it's just that once you start following wrestling over the internet, it's very difficult to control yourself.

To be fair, it is good to know time and how some of the wrestlers who suddenly disappeared from WWE programming are doing. Plus, you know when a wrestler is going to return, and if he is going to return at all, saving some of us from a lot of misery.

See the hypocrisy in my statement above? Well, my hypocrisy has brought me to a conclusion!

The Internet Wrestling Community is a DRUG. While I know all the disadvantages of using this drug, I can't stop using it because I am used to it.

Do let me know how you people felt the difference once you went from being fans to fans over the internet/wrestling critics in the comment section below.

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