Will the Cowboys and the Redskins to Go Nuclear on the NFL?

James Williams@WordmandcAnalyst IIIMarch 18, 2012

Will Jones and Snyder go Nuclear on the NFL?
Will Jones and Snyder go Nuclear on the NFL?Rob Carr/Getty Images

Are the Cowboys and the Redskins ready to go "nuclear" on the NFL, as was reported by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk?

Could the longtime rivals come together to battle the league? This is like an episode of the great old soap opera Dallas.

Clearly, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Redskins owner Daniel Snyder are none too pleased with some of the NFL owners. The Redskins were penalized $36 million dollars and the Cowboys $10 million for what the NFL called “Creating an unfair advantage in a uncapped year.”

The key point that both the Redskins and Cowboys are upset about is that they violated no rules, but the league warned teams not to dump salaries or to front load contracts during the uncapped year to take advantage of the lack of a salary cap while a new Collective Bargaining Agreement was being worked out with the National football League Players Association.

The league’s anti-salary-dumping and no front-loading policy was never put into writing.

John Keim, my colleague at the Washington Examiner, has reported, along with other media oulets, that both teams are exploring possible legal action. 

What is not clear is who the action would be against. It could be against the NFL for wrongfully fining them without cause. Or it could be the "nuclear" option which would be bringing a lawsuit against all involved from the NFL and NFLPA who were involved in the two teams losing cap space.

With the Cowboys and the Redskins being two of the most valuable franchises in sports owned by two of the most passionate and at times outspoken owners in Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder, it is very hard to believe that they will let this penalty pass without some type of fight.

ESPN Dallas has reported that the Cowboys and the Redskins may indeed have little recourse in the matter, while Michael Florio reported that both teams still feel that they do indeed have options and plan to explore all avenues before making a decision on what to do.

But the smart money remains on both the Cowboys and the Redskins joining together and fighting the league on this issue. I am not sure that they will go "nuclear," but it's very hard to see them simply letting the issue go.