TNA Victory Road Predictions: 4 Title Matches, Roode vs. Sting and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 18, 2012

TNA Victory Road Predictions: 4 Title Matches, Roode vs. Sting and More

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    TNA Wrestling has been on quite the roll so far this year with solid episodes of Impact Wrestling week after week.

    TNA  will present "Victory Road," live on pay-per-view Sunday night.

    "Genesis" and "Against All Odds" were good PPV showings, but I think this show could top them.

    With eight matches—half of which have a title on the line—TNA Wrestling has put together what looks like a solid card.

    As long as Jeff Hardy doesn’t walk into the ring under the influence of something again, I think this show will be fine.

    Here are the matches and who I think will win.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

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    After losing a No. 1 contenders match to James Storm in January, Kurt Angle disappeared from TNA Wrestling. He had been missing for over a month but would return after the "Against All Odds" pay-per-view.

    During a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Bobby Roode and Jeff Hardy, the former world champion made his return to attack Hardy and cost him the match.

    He gave no explanation for his actions when he returned to the ring the following week. He teamed with Bully Ray to take on Hardy and Storm in a losing effort but Angle wasn’t quite done with Hardy.

    Angle soon revealed that he attacked Hardy for a variety of reasons, but the main reason given was the fact that his son idolized Hardy more than him.

    The two wrestlers would clash again two weeks later in another tag-team match, this time with Angle teaming with Gunner and Hardy teaming with Garrett Bischoff.

    Hardy and Garrett would win, much to the dismay of Angle.

    This past Thursday on Impact Wrestling, Angle faced off against Garrett in a five-minute challenge match, which Garrett won by lasting the entire time.

    The Olympic gold medalist attacked Garrett post-match but Hardy would make the save.

    This feud has been a bit slow, and the weak hype TNA gave it this past Thursday didn’t help matters.

    This PPV is the one-year anniversary of the Charismatic Enigma hitting rock bottom so I can this going one of two ways: TNA punishes Hardy with a loss for what he did to the company last year or they let him redeem himself with a win.

    I think this match will go to Kurt Angle, though the loss for Hardy won’t necessarily be a punishment. Then at Lockdown, both will captain teams in Lethal Lockdown.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

James Storm vs. Bully Ray

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    Bully Ray has been trying to get a shot at the World Championship for months now. As he became Bobby Roode’s sidekick, the bully would help him in retaining the title on multiple occasions.

    Roode had promised Bully Ray a title shot many times but that shot would never come.

    Bully Ray has been entangled in a feud with James Storm since after the "Genesis" PPV, so when it came time to make the title match for Against All Odds, Sting inserted Bully, along with Storm and Jeff Hardy, into the match.

    After Roode retained, Sting made a No. 1 contender’s match between Bully Ray and Storm on the following episode of Impact Wrestling.

    The Cowboy won the match, much to the dismay of Bully Ray.

    Bully Ray felt that he was cheated out of the win and kept going after Storm.

    Three weeks ago, Ray kicked a chair into Storm’s face, knocking him out. He thought he should have received a title match after that but he got James Storm at Victory Road instead.

    With Storm’s big match against Bobby Roode at next month’s Lockdown, there’s no way he’s going to lose this match.

    Even in defeat Bully Ray will come out of this match strong and finally receive his one-on-one title match at the May PPV, "Sacrifice."

    Winner: James Storm

Mr. Anderson and A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

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    A.J. Styles has been stuck in a ridiculously long feud with Christopher Daniels for quite some time now.

    They’ve gone from partners to heated rivals so many times that TNA fans lost count of how many.

    Something a little different was added this time around though.  

    For part-100 of the Styles-Daniels feud, Kazarian was inserted into the fold and it created some intrigue for the storyline.

    At first it seemed like Daniels was holding something over Kaz’s head but now it seems like Kaz was just sick of Styles so he finally saw the light and aligned himself with the Fallen Angel.

    Styles was always able to keep Daniels at bay and eventually take him down but this time is different. It’s two against one and the Phenomenal One finally realized that two weeks ago.

    He promised a surprise for his enemies and brought in some backup in the form of Mr. Anderson.

    This past Thursday saw Anderson return to the ring in a winning effort against Daniels, giving him and Styles the momentum going into the match.

    Will a little momentum be enough to  win the match? I think so.

    When it comes to this feud, Styles has been on a losing streak. It’s time for him to finally win one.

    This won’t be the end of the feud though, as I can see these four involved in Lethal Lockdown.

    Winners: Mr. Anderson and A.J. Styles

Robbie E’s Open Challenge: TNA Television Championship

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    Much like last month’s "Against All Odds," TNA television champion Robbie E will be issuing an open challenge for his title.

    I’d prefer for the title to be in an actual storyline but at least it's getting some attention.

    His last open challenge was answered by Shannon Moore but after a good effort, the Jersey Shore-wannabe would retain the belt.

    I would like to think that TNA will bring in someone that hasn’t been used in a while, like D’Angelo Dinero or Rob Van Dam, but they could also throw a curveball and bring in somebody new.

    Robbie commented on Impact Wrestling this past Thursday that he already defeated “everybody” so this could be a good opportunity to give someone new a chance.

    No matter who ends up answering the challenge, I really hope they take the title off of Robbie.

    An open challenge is hard to predict because you don’t know who could come out and accept it.

    I’m going to take a chance here and say we’ll see a new champion.

    Winner and New Champion: The Challenger

    If Garrett Bischoff happens to be the one accepting the challenge though, then the prediction will completely change.

    I do not under any circumstances want to see him with a title!

    So if Garrett does accept the challenge, I will panic and quickly change my prediction to...

    Winner and Still Champion: Robbie E

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne: TNA Knockout’s Championship

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    Madison Rayne was once the "Queen Bee" of the Knockout’s division. At 188 days, she still holds the record for longest-reigning Knockout champion in the title's almost five-year history.

    When Karen Jarrett took control of the Knockout’s division before "Bound for Glory," Madison became her lackey.

    As Karen’s puppet she won the Knockout’s Tag Team Championship with Gail Kim, and as soon as Karen was taken out of power, Madison became the lackey of her partner.

    After Gail successfully defended her singles title against Tara at "Against All Odds," TNA held a battle royal to determine her new challenger.

    After spending the entire match outside with Gail, Madison slid in at the last minute to eliminate Velvet Sky and win the match. Gail was quite shocked but Madison just smirked.

    Madison has since tried to convince Gail that they were still friends and that she only won the match to give her real competition.

    Gail mostly ignored her attempts at friendship and would even lock her out of a match with ODB.

    Things really boiled over last week when the two of them lost their tag-team titles to ODB and Eric Young. They’ve been at each other’s throats since then and have been blaming each other for the loss.

    If given the time, these two should be putting on a good match.

    As for the winner, I’m going with Madison Rayne.

    Gail Kim’s title reign has been boring and it has dragged the division down a bit.

    The division needs a good kick to get things rolling again and Madison is the perfect person to do that.

    Winner and New Champion: Madison Rayne

Samoa Joe and Magnus vs. Matt Morgan and Crimson: TNA Tag Championship

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    Nobody expected that Samoa Joe and Magnus would work so well as a team when they were brought together for the Wild Card Tag Team Tournament.

    They ended up making such a great team that they won the tournament and challenged Matt Morgan and Crimson for the Tag Team Championships at the January PPV "Genesis."

    While they failed to win the titles, the newly formed team refused to quit. They soon began to attack the champions each and every week until they received another shot at the titles.

    They received their shot at "Against All Odds" and won the match to become the new champions.

    The former champions immediately invoked their rematch clause on an episode of Impact Wrestling but would lose the match after some miscommunication.

    Since then the new champions received a spot in the main event alongside James Storm, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Austin Aries, while Morgan and Crimson had to wrestle to earn another shot at the titles.

    They would defeat Robbie E and Robbie T to gain another shot at Victory Road, but the win wasn’t without tension between the two.

    Morgan had the win when Crimson tagged himself in just so that he could get the pin fall.

    This past Thursday, however, they seemed to be on the same page as Morgan took out Magnus and attacked Joe, which helped Crimson beat the Samoan Submission Machine.

    They may seem like they’re on the same page now but will they be at the PPV? I don’t think so.

    TNA has put off the continuance of the Morgan-Crimson feud for far too long. It’s about time they start it back up.

    Samoa Joe and Magnus will take down their challengers here, and then Crimson will turn on Morgan due to the loss.

    Winners and Still Champions: Samoa Joe and Magnus

Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion: X-Division Championship

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    At "Against All Odds," Zema Ion became the No. 1 contender for the X-Division Championship after a very unfortunate event.

    Ion would break Jesse Sorenson’s neck after a moon-sault forced the match to be stopped.

    Ion won by default but he took the victory and ran with it.

    On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Ion was teamed up with Austin Aries and there was obvious tension between the two wrestlers.

    Despite their similar personalities clashing, the two heels would win the match.

    Aries then began to scout his No. 1 contender as he took some popcorn and wine to ringside during Ion’s match with Alex Shelley. As Ion picked up the victory, Aries clapped with approval but was clearly not impressed.

    The two would square-off in a championship match two weeks ago when Sting forced Aries to defend the title. The "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” would retain the belt but lost the match by disqualification.

    It may be a DQ victory but the challenger holds a win over the champion.

    This past Thursday Aries announced that he was officially the longest reigning X-Division champion in history but Ion came out to interrupt.

    He threw some champagne in the champion’s face and Aries responded with dumping the whole bottle on the head of a wrestler obsessed with his hair.

    Ion has proved to be able to have a good match with Aries so I suspect this will also be a good one.

    Will his cheap heat from almost killing Sorenson get him anywhere? I highly doubt it.

    Austin Aries is the best thing to happen to the X-Division in a long time. There’s no way he’s losing the title.

    Winner and Still Champion: Austin Aries

Bobby Roode vs. Sting: Non-Title No Holds Barred Match

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    Bobby Roode and Sting have been on a collision course ever since October. When the self-proclaimed leader of The Selfish Generation won the World Championship he began to defy every single decision Sting has made.

    All that did was get the Icon madder and madder as the months past.

    As Sting would punish the champion, Roode would weasel his way out each and every time. At the same time, he was also become increasingly angry with the way Sting was running Impact Wrestling.

    With Roode cheating his way to retaining the title during every defense, Sting decided to make himself a special enforcer at "Against All Odds" to ensure a fair match.

    Unfortunately his plan backfired when Roode annoyed him to the point where he tried to screw Roode out of the title. He instead accidentally hit Jeff Hardy and Roode retained thanks to Sting.

    On the following episode of Impact Wrestling, Sting forced Roode to defend the title against Hardy and after he retained the title, Roode finally had enough and attacked the Stinger later on that night.

    Sting then booked himself in a non-title match against Roode at Victory Road to teach him some respect.

    Since then Sting has continued to make the champion’s life a living hell with his match-making decisions.

    This past Thursday, though, Roode once again got under his skin with a dynamite promo.

    While Sting did snap and attack the champion, Roode has all of the momentum thanks to that promo.

    This match will show that Sting has still got in the ring but it won’t be enough.

    Bobby Roode has been on a roll since winning the title and there may be no one that could stop him.

    Sting will certainly try, but Roode’s arm will be raised in victory at the end of the show.

    Winner: Bobby Roode