Peyton Manning: Why Tennessee Titans Must Land 4-Time MVP

Jonathan Clark@JCNextContributor IIIMarch 16, 2012

Peyton Manning: Why Tennessee Titans Must Land 4-Time MVP

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    Peyton Manning will be on an NFL team next season, that much is obvious. The question has been where, and while rumors have been abundant, only a handful of teams have a legitimate chance of securing the four-time MVP.

    The Titans are one of those teams, and while the Broncos have been considered the front-runners, the Titans need to do whatever they can to get Manning for as long as they can.

Manning Turns Them into a Legit Super Bowl Contender

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    The Titans were 9-7 last season and literally just missed the playoffs. Manning would instantly put them into the playoff hunt. If the Titans were to get Manning, he, along with Steve Hutchinson, already makes for an improved offense just by themselves. Add in Chris Johnson and suddenly the Titans could have something special. And speaking of Chris Johnson…

Chris Johnson Alongside Manning Would Actually Help, Not Hurt the Titans.

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    Why anybody would believe that Chris Johnson would not work with Manning is completely crazy. What happens when you take a proven quarterback who can hit targets in the deep field just as well as he can in the slant and mix him with a proven running back—who once got 2000 yards in a season almost effortlessly? I’d say defenses will have more than enough of a hard time trying to account for both the run and the passing game.

    Both players would take the pressure off of one another and would be a dynamic duo that the Titans could use to their advantage all season.

It Will Put Their Franchise in the Spotlight

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    Home game sellouts, a boost to jersey sales and national media attention are exactly what would happen if the Titans were to acquire Peyton Manning.

    Let’s not forget Manning was already big in Tennessee before even reaching the NFL. His name alone creates a buzz, like that of Kobe, Tebow, LeBron, Crosby and Federer; athletes that can put people in seats before even leaving the locker room.

He's a Better Option Than Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker

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    To be honest, this one doesn’t even need an explanation. However, for those who believe this would hurt Jake Locker, I think it would be quite the opposite. Locker would get the chance to observe and converse with one of the greatest quarterback’s ever to put on a uniform. The things he could learn would definitely be a gain for him more than a loss, and in the long run would help him overall.  

The Titans Solid Group of Players Will Become That Much Better

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    Let’s face it, Peyton makes people better. He can turn a rookie wide out into a threat and has the ability to make his whole team look dangerous. Guys like Britt and Hawkins will become that much better with Manning under center, and flaws will be covered up much easier.

    The defense will have someone they can trust on the offensive side of the ball, prompting them to play better as well. It goes without saying that when you have a quarterback who puts his team first, everyone looks and plays better.