Phillies Trade News: 10 Reasons Philly Will Regret Trading Wilson Valdez

Mike AngelinaContributor IIIMarch 16, 2012

Phillies Trade News: 10 Reasons Philly Will Regret Trading Wilson Valdez

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    The Phillies most likely will not miss Wilson Valdez. Freddy Galvis appears poised to play at some point, and they have Michael Martinez in the organization.

    The team will not miss Valdez, they will just miss parts of him. Because of that, there will be some regret that he is gone.

    Here are 10 things that will cause the Phillies to regret trading the utility infielder.

His Versatality

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    It was always comforting to know that if an injury took place, a double switch was needed or some type of defensive realignment, Wilson Valdez would be able to step in the hole.

    Not only could Valdez play the infield, he also apparently was a tremendous fly ball shagger, and could hold his own in the outfield.

    That versatality is not the easiest thing to find.

His Defense

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    His versatality would be pretty moot if he couldn't play the positions well. He was exceptional in the field. In his two seasons with the Phillies, Valdez only made a combined total of twelve errors.

    To think of any Valdez misplays in the field, one would have to think about it for a long time. They were few and far between, and when they did occur, the damage was minimal.

Right Handed Bat

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    This is something the Phillies could miss for the first few months. With Ryan Howard out, on days when Ty Wigginton is in the lineup, the Phillies will not have a true right-handed bat. Even backup catcher Brian Schneider bats from the left side.

    Valdez being traded, compounded with the team dumping Ben Francisco, could put the team in a hole for finding a right handed bat off the bench when a dominating lefty comes in from the opposition's bullpen.


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    There is more to Wilson Valdez's bat than what meets the eye. He ended up being a very, very clutch hitter for the Fightin's. Although he did not get many chances to make an impact with his bat in leverage situations, when he could contribute, Willy Val did.

    In 2011, he hit an incredible .370 with runners in scoring position. The year before that, he was right around .300.

Infield Depth

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    Who are you more comfortable playing third base or second base for an extended period of time: Valdez or Martinez.

    Nearly every answer will likely be Valdez.

    There could be some concerns when one of the Phills' infielders go down.

Michael Martinez Is Awful

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    The reason why there would be concern and why fans prefer Valdez?

    Martinez stinks. It's that simple, he's not a major league player.

    There is a reason he was easily surrendered to the Phills (and exposed to 29 teams) by the Nationals and why he never got called up once by the Nats.

    He didn't even finish above the mendoza line last year. This could be an issue if he has to play significant innings.

The 19 Inning Game

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    This will only be regretted because of how enjoyable it was and how great of a game it was.

    The starting second baseman gets the win in relief in extra innings.

    That's something you only see in Little League.

Fans Now Have to Deal with Jimmy Rollins

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    It makes no sense, but a lot of people much prefer Valdez over Rollins.

    There is no rationale to explain how that opinion is formulated, but I'd figure that those whose preference is Valdez will be regretting this trade.

His Antics

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    This may be his best one, the above video.

    Such as the way he'd leap over the first base foul line when running from the dugout to his position, and deke out first base. Or the way he'd walk into the batters' box, draw a line, then jump step, swinging for Harry the K's at an imaginary pitch.

    He was one of the few loose Phillies that had a personality to him, and that will be missed my many.

His Walk Up Music

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    When we get to this to fill out the list of ten things to miss about Valdez, you have to realize, he won't be missed a whole lot.

    But his walk-up music was pretty unique and brought an interesting spice that it may be missed by some.

    Here's a sampling in the video, he usually had it cued to the :22 second mark or so.