Peyton Manning Rumors: Titans Reportedly Offer Peyton Manning Lifetime Deal

Brendan O'Hare@brendohareContributor IMarch 15, 2012

NASHVILLE, TN - 2006:  Bud Adams of the Tennessee Titans poses for his 2006 NFL headshot at photo day in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Getty Images)
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Bud Adams owns the Tennessee Titans, and he's quite the hilarious character. Imagine your vulgar grandfather is worth a billion dollars and spends his spare time forgetting where he put $8 million when he's not flipping off opposing fans from his owner's box. He also dresses like this regularly.

He's an 89-year-old NFL owner who would fit just as well in one of those YouTube "rapping old people" videos, spitting rhymes to hundreds of thousands of views. He also just recently, according to Houston CBS affiliate KHOU11, offered Peyton Manning a contract "for life."

Silly Bud—he doesn't know slavery ended years ago!

What Bud does have going for him is that Peyton played his college ball at Tennessee, and Peyton is never hesitant to talk about how freaking great Tennessee is. As the New York Times notes, this may be the greatest advantage of all, because Peyton Manning is a man of values and such. This contract for life is made possible by the NFL's apparent ability to allow this ridiculous-sounding thing to happen. Peyton would need to play the rest of his career in Tennessee, then have some kind of "Real Job" within the Tennessee head office.

Doesn't that sound like fun, Peyton? Peyton?

Peyton did spend all of last season, you know, not playing, so a contract that is so dependent on future health seems risky. But Bud Adams doesn't care, because Bud is always playing the riskiest game of all.


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