Monta Ellis Trade Will Force Bucks to Deal Brandon Jennings

Matt HinesCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2012

Brandon Jennings might not gel with the newly acquired Monta Ellis.
Brandon Jennings might not gel with the newly acquired Monta Ellis.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Milwaukee might have gotten a steal by dealing an injured Andrew Bogut and defunct Stephen Jackson for Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, but the trade might have some unforeseen consequences.

The Bucks might have created the same court chemistry problem that Golden State had with their sharpshooting point guard Stephen Curry. A Curry-Ellis backcourt is awfully similar to the now Brandon Jennings-Ellis duo we’ll see in Milwaukee.

Jennings and Ellis are both scorers by nature. Jennings is more of an outside shooter and Ellis...well, let’s just say the electrifying scorer has a great all-around offensive game. He can shoot the ball from pretty much anywhere on the court, penetrate the lane like Iverson in his prime and is one of the best at finishing at the rack. But whether the two lethal point producers can mesh well together remains a question.

The problem with Curry and Ellis was that Curry thrives in a motion offense that constantly swings the ball around and utilizes screens and pick-and-rolls to generate open shots and easy points in the paint. Ellis, on the other hand, prefers isolation scenarios where he can drive or create open shots for himself, or find space for his deadly mid-range jumper off screens.

The Bucks like to run an inside-out offense, preferring to dump the ball to the post and find guys like Jennings around the perimeter. While the Bucks have transitioned their offense a bit with Bogut falling victim to injury earlier this season, Jennings might have many of his opportunities squandered by Ellis, as the Mississippi Missile is more adept of this style of play.

Milwaukee might want to keep Jennings for the foreseeable future, but in time could look to deal Jennings as controversies over whether he and Ellis are attuned to playing with each other, just like what happened with the Curry-Ellis backcourt combo in Oakland.

Jennings has substantial trade value at the deadline, as many teams would send a slew of talent for the 22-year-old ever-progressing point guard. However, Milwaukee might want to try out a Jennings-Ellis backcourt before making any irrational moves. Jennings is a fan favorite and ideally the Bucks would like to keep him on the roster.

Milwaukee head coach Scott Skiles certainly has a challenge on his hands with the team vying for the eighth seed in the playoffs, the second half of the season will serve as a test on whether or not this backcourt can work.