Donovan McNabb: Respect the Man...His Coach...and the Whole Organization!

James TurnerCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

As rude as the Eagles fans are, I can't stand their damn fans. But I respect the hell out of the Philadelphia Eagles Organization. That team has really rallied behind each other. Andy Reid is the man behind the machine of warriors that take the field every Sunday.

And McNabb is the Eagle Engine who drives this team of warrior birds to the success they have achieved over the last two months and into this Sunday's AFC Championship Game against the Arizona Cardinals.

I think about that tied game against the Bengals a couple months ago. That was a funny scenario with McNabb not knowing the overtime rule, lol. I thought all players knew. I knew there was an OT. Good thing Ben Roethlisberger had his back publicly that he didn't know there was an overtime either.

Then we had the incident the week after that where the controversial call with Andy Reid benched McNabb during a game against the Ravens where they were losing 10-7 at the time he was benched.

For some odd reason, I believed Andy Reid knew what he was doing when he put McNabb on the bench. That woke up the whole team, especially the franchise QB and the head coach.

It helped open up the organization to let them know that no one was safe on that team. What was a so-call "stupid decision" made by the media and a lot of people I know is now the smartest decision made by any coach during this whole NFL season.

Think about it. A decision that was against all odds and even against the franchise QB turned out to be the driving force for this run that they had at the end of the season.

They nearly ran the table at the end of this season, besides the season sweep by my Redskins. But I can't talk about us right now because we're watching them in the playoffs.

Now, as a Redskins fan, I can say that I respect every team inside the NFC East, which is still the best division in football. Yes, that's including the Dallas Cowboys. Cowboy fans are usually the ones that I hate the most because they talk so much trash.

But the last two months its been the Eagles fans, which I can't stand right now because Eagle fans are sore losers. But I can give credit where credit is due. If your team is winning, then I feel you can talk all the trash they want. So big ups to the Eagles.

This whole article I'm writing is really for one reason. Andy Reid said it best, "Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in the NFL." Now I've always thought McNabb was one of the best QB's in the NFL and at some points during his four straight NFC Championship game runs, I was actually considering him as the best QB in the NFL.

Now at this very point of the NFL, I can honestly admit this and I'm making this a public service announcement. Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in the NFL. He's also playing the best football in his entire career.

Now, I'm not just saying that he's the best because he's in the NFC championship game. I'm saying he's the best quarterback in the NFL because he led his team back to the NFC Championship when their backs were against the wall. He led this team during pure fire and determination.

Thing that makes matters even more in his favor as the best QB is that he doesn't even have all-star quality receivers. I mean, Kevin Curtis is a decent receiver but on a really good team, like the Patriots, he's like fifth string.

Jason Avant is inconsistent but can make plays at times. L.J. Smith...I forget he is even on the team sometimes. DeSean Jackson is the truth though. He has potential to have a tremendous career, maybe even a hall of famer by the time he retires. That all depends on his hard work.

But the driving force to this team is none other than Brian Westbrook. That man is a true future hall of famer. He's gotten better each and every year in his career. He deserves the praise that he gets. He is as tough as it comes.

No matter how good this team is offensively, they would be nothing without Mr. McNabb himself. The way he just makes plays and extends them and makes even more plays are beyond my imagination. You can't stop him.

When McNabb is fully focused on the game, there is no one better than him. This team is going to go as far as McNabb takes them. Oh! Of course you know we can't forget about their defense.

Say what you want about this defense of no namers really, but Jim Johnson has gotten this team playing to the best defense I've seen them play since their championship runs. The thing that makes these Eagles so scary to play right now is that they're playing like a true team.

That's why I respect this team. They play for one another and their fans. They're not worried about anyone else. And any team that can come together and play their hearts out like they have been doing and pull out those victories, I will always have love for them. As for their fans, kiss my you know what.

This team is like last year's New York Giants. When everyone counted them out those Giants put together an incredible run. Just like what the Eagles are doing. That's funny when I think about it because one of my closest friends, who is an Eagles fan and a sore loser himself, told me over the summer that I'm always cheering players and teams because of the emotions I feel for them.

I told him that football is a game of emotions. And it truly is about emotions. When you put your all into the game and put your emotions and play your heart out, whether you win or lose you will always have a shot at winning the game. And seeing Brian Dawkins breakdown like a little girl (Yes, still talking trash), it was kind of emotional though.

I kind of feel for them. I really feel McNabb more than anyone. Because no matter what happen this season, Donovan McNabb is leaving Philadelphia. If he wins the Super Bowl, he is still leaving Philly.

Donovan McNabb forgives the Eagles fans for all the boos he always gotten in Philly. He hasn't forgotten how you all wanted him out of Philadelphia too. McNabb has had some injury problems over the last couple of years but he also did what a lot of other injured prone QB's couldn't do.

He came back at full strength from all his injuries and he's playing the best football as a QB.

Actually, I take that back. Big Ben and Kurt Warner are doing better than McNabb, too. Only in stats. In making big plays, I give it to McNabb. As much as he forgives everyone in Philly, he does not forget. So you guys better hope you McNabb can continue to lead this Eagle team to the Super Bowl and actually win it.

Because that will be your only Lombardi trophy you punk *** fans will ever get. So you all better enjoy it. Because he is going to leave to either to Chicago, his hometown, or Minnesota, with dangerous Adrian Peterson. I see him going to Chicago Bears, where the fans will appreciate him for the rest of his career.

Donovan McNabb is leaving the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of this season. Andy Reid is maybe leaving, too. And I think Reid knows that McNabb is leaving, too. That's why they're pulling out all the stops and playing and coaching their best football of the season. Perfect timing, too. But McNabb is getting his stock up. So be prepared for the end of the Philadelphia Eagle organization. You guys will have to rebuild yourselves.

I love the NFL. Everyone who reads this article fully also loves football, too. And if you're a true Eagles fan, you will have read this whole article. This article is a true testament to what the Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb era has come to.

Hope Kelvin Kolb or whatever that second stringer is going to lead you Westbrook fans back to the promise land.

You bitter fans will get your karma coming right back at you. I actually believe the Eagles can win the Super Bowl. Do all the talking you can. Because guess what? The Washington Redskins swept the Eagles this year. HAHAHA!!!! Bitter fans, lol.

Come on, Eagle fans, laugh with me. I'm laughing at y'all. 'Skins still a better team than you guys. And you wouldn't beat us in the playoffs. Yeah, I'm getting my last bit in this article. Enjoy your last run. I love the profile pic to this article.


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