NCAA Tournament 2012: Iowa State Cyclones Scouting Report

Joshua Gleason@JGleasContributor IIIMarch 13, 2012

The Iowa State Cyclones finished 22-10 this season and posted a 12-6 record in a difficult Big 12 Conference.

In the Big 12 Conference Tournament, they were one and done and could be in store for the same in the NCAA Tournament as an 8 seed in the South Region.

Iowa State Cyclones Scouting Report


  • Good Shooting the three
  • Hi-Lo Offense
  • Efficient Offense
  • Solid Rebounding
  • Play 'Low Side' Well
  • Avoid Foul Trouble
  • Royce White


The Cyclones have a fairly simple offense; they like to feed it inside to Royce White and allow him to dish it back out if he doesn't have a shot and there is an open man. This works for the Cyclones because White is an animal down low who fights hard every minute and they have some great three-point shooters, specifically Scott Christopherson.

Anybody who hasn't had a chance to see Royce White should take advantage of this opportunity because he is the heart and soul of the Cyclones. White does a nice job of playing 'low side' in the paint, doing a nice job staying between the ball and the basket.

It's an efficient group for the most part that knows what it does well, rely on it, and do it efficiently. The Cyclones don't have much going for them though and are limited.


  • Below Average Post Size
  • Average Length
  • Poor Rotation
  • Below Average Athletic Ability
  • Tournament Inexperience


Iowa State's main weaknesses have to do with its talent. Royce White is a great talent, but he is the Cyclones top big man and only goes 6-8. The rest of the Cyclones are below average in terms of athletic ability, and their length on the perimeter is only average.

When Texas eliminated Iowa State in the first round of the Big 12 Tournament, I saw multiple times of the Longhorns exploiting the Cyclones poor rotation on defense. Somehow, they've managed to limit opposing teams from shooting the three and the Longhorns were still missing in that game. However, there was constantly times when Iowa State would leave a man open in a pick situation.

The Cyclones tournament inexperience doesn't help out either. They did a great job turning it around this season after years of obscurity, but tournament experience has been something of great aid to many teams before.

Chances of Winning First Game: 25 percent

I'm giving Iowa State a reasonable chance to get by Connecticut because of how sloppy the Huskies can get overall. UConn is the vastly superior team though. If Iowa State leaves shooters open as often as I saw at times on film, specifically against Texas, the Huskies will bury those shots all day. It's going to be extremely difficult for the Cyclones to match up with UConn's bigs as well. Royce White will give it all he has, but Andre Drummond, Alex Oriakhi, and Tyler Olander are going to be way too much for Iowa State.

And that's all without even mentioning Jeremy Lamb.

Iowa State will fight, but Connecticut has a talent edge, and a coaching edge with Jim Calhoun, that is too much for the Cyclones to overcome in my opinion.

Chances of Reaching Final Four: 2 percent

I'm probably being generous to Iowa State with that number, but at least it has Royce White and can hit the three.

If Iowa State can manage to get by Connecticut, it would then have to play Kentucky, another supremely talented team.

A very difficult draw for the Cyclones who are probably wishing they ended up in the West Region.

Chances of Winning it All: .2 percent

Again, probably being generous to Iowa State. It was a great run for the Cyclones this year, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards for them to make much of a run.


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