WrestleMania 28: Miz to Be Involved in Rock vs. Cena?

John AtkinsCorrespondent IIIMarch 12, 2012

photo courtesy of wrestlingvalley.org
photo courtesy of wrestlingvalley.org

With less than three weeks until WrestleMania 28 to go, there are still a number of notable absences currently on the card for the Grand Daddy of Them All.

The likes of Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth and even Hornswoggle (the cheek of it!), are yet to be given a set match at the event, and many now speculate whether any of these midcard superstars could miss out on their annual WrestleMania pay day.

Of all the superstars currently missing from the card though, former WWE champion The Miz is probably the biggest standout.

While admittedly on a losing streak, the self-proclaimed "most must-see WWE champion of all time" would be a huge loss if omitted from WWE's marquee event, and has recently begun to campaign heavily for his inclusion at the event.

While many have speculated the Awesome One could be included in the inevitable Team Long vs. Team Laurinaitis bout, it has now been suggested that Creative may have far more planned for Mikey the Miz than they are letting on. 

According to Michael Bluth of Lords of Pain:

"There continues to be a lot of speculation regarding The Miz's role at WrestleMania 28. Miz, who successfully defended the WWE title against John Cena in the main event of last year's show, is rumored to be involved in this year's Rock vs. Cena match in some capacity. WWE is said to have a storyline ready for The Miz after WrestleMania and his recent losing streak is part of the buildup to that angle."

After Rock and Cena all-but eclipsed the then-WWE champion at WrestleMania 27, could it be the turn of the Miz to try and upstage two of the biggest stars in the history of the company one year on?

From my own perspective, I really like the Miz, and would love to see him involved in some way on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

My biggest concern however would be whether or not this angle could really work, with Miz so far down in the pecking order compared to the Rock and Cena.

While I understand that the champ will need something to do once Rocky returns to Hollywood after WrestleMania, can a rehashed feud between him and the Miz really draw over the coming months?

For my money, I really don't think so.

If this angle were to transpire it would presumably be to push the Miz by having him involved in some way in the main event of the night.

On the other hand however, it has been widely reported that the former Real World star hasn't been as high as he once was with WWE officials, after a number of botches and mistakes (some more legitimate than others), so it would not be surprising to see a scenario where Miz may try to become involved but instead end up embarrassed and/or buried—similar to how he has been treated on WWE television recently.

What do you think? Will Miz play a part in the Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28?

If so, can the angle actually work?

How would you like to see the Miz used?


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