Giants-Eagles: New York Fails, Goes Winless In Playoffs

Max SullivanCorrespondent IJanuary 11, 2009

You’d think a playoff game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles would be a special game—a “Clash of Titans”. I don’t mean to say the game was dull, but it was far from epic.


The game was fought and won through turnovers. New York coughed up the ball three times total, including two picks. Eli Manning struggled through tough weather, but no quarterback who leads his team to the top-seed in the NFC should ever throw 15-for-29 with two interceptions. There were wobbly balls and overthrown passes to open receivers throughout the game.


It didn’t help New York’s cause.


Tom Coughlin made a dangerous call when he had the Giants kick a field goal at the end of the first half. The Giants were going into the wind and expected the Eagles to fail on their next drive, but McNabb rolled his offense down the field and came away with a field goal, heading into the second half with the lead and possession of the ball.


The Giants stopped the Eagles in the second half, but Coughlin could have hurt New York. In that last drive by New York in the first half, the window of opportunity was closing shortly. They were moving with the wind, and in that situation there is only one option—throw.


The Eagles had blunders of their own.


With the ball on their own 32 with 3:15 on the game clock and a two possession lead over the Giants, most teams would do their best to eat out the clock. Instead, on second down, McNabb scrambled wide right, getting knocked out of bounds and killing the clock. McNabb got a gain of eight yards, not even reaching the first down mark.


As momentum drove him through the crowd on the Giants’ side of the field, McNabb stopped in front of the New York bench, grabbed a phone sitting in front of him and raised it to his ear.


By the time he ran back on the field, a flag had been thrown. The call was unsportsmanlike conduct. Philly lost 15 yards and ended up punting the ball back to New York with 2:04 minutes on the clock.


When asked about the bizarre action, McNabb responded, “As a veteran in this league, I was having fun, but that’s something you don’t want to do.”


I’d like to ask Donavan if he thought it was worth bringing New York back into the game just so he could have a little “fun”, and after he didn’t even make the first down!


He looked like a fool.


The whole thing made me wonder if the Eagles even deserved the win after all. I was hoping Dominick Hixon would return the punt for a touchdown just to scare the crap out of Philadelphia.

That didn’t happen though. Instead the Giants blew their opportunity with a game-ending fumble. Eli shook his head in disappointment for the last time this season.


As a Patriots fan, nothing makes me happier than to see than to see a Manning-free Super Bowl this year, and for the Giants to go winless in the postseason after an amazing year.


I even hope that Donavan McNabb finally wins a Super Bowl. If he plans on beating Kurt Warner and Cardinals next week on the road, he and the rest of the Eagles better get their act together.