NBA Draft 2012: 3 Players the New Orleans Hornets Should Target

Chad LuseCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2012

The New Orleans Hornets are having one of the worst seasons in franchise history and the team is looking at a top-five draft pick.

The team has the second worst record in the league (9-30) and ever since they traded Chris Paul this team has played slow and very unfocused.

The team needs to rebuild, and they have the draft picks to do it. They should get a top-five pick for their horrible record, but they also have the Minnesota Timberwolves' first round pick, which should be in the lottery.

Here are three players the Hornets have to target in the draft to start the rebuilding process:

SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky

As Anthony Davis is clearly the No. 1 overall prospect, the Hornets really do not have a chance of getting him unless they win the first pick. However, Kidd-Gilchrist would be a great selection and would fit into this team real well.

He is one of the best defenders in college, and he does a very good job of creating his own shots. He will most likely start right away at the SF position, and he will be a great player to build a franchise around.

PF Perry Jones, Baylor

The Hornets have made it known that they are keeping Emeka Okafor as their center for the future; so adding Perry Jones would be a huge addition for the Hornets. Jones is a big guy at 6'11" 220 lbs., and his offensive game has improved a lot in the paint.

Pairing Okafor and Jones together would be a great big guy tandem for the Hornets. Jones needs to improve defensively and work on his jump shot, but he can develop into a big time player in the future for the Hornets. If they take Jones, the Hornets will have their two big men set, and they can pick up some guards later in the draft.

SG Jeremy Lamb, UCONN

The biggest need for the Hornets is a shot creator. When Chris Paul was there, he did a great job of creating highly-efficient shots for his teammates. Jeremy Lamb would be a create pick that the Hornets can build around.

Lamb has nice size for the No. 2 guard, (6'5" 185 lbs.), and his best attribute is creating his own shot. Lamb has shown the ability to take over a game at UCONN. Lamb loves to have the ball in his hands and he has a lot of confidence in his jump shot. If the Hornets take Lamb here, they can grab a point guard or small forward in the lottery to help compliment Lamb.