Marques Colston to Jaguars? Why Ex-Saints WR Would Look Good in Jacksonville

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 10, 2012

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 05:  Marques Colston #12 of the New Orleans Saints runs with the ball during the NFL game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium on December 5, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Saints won 34-30.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Ask any Jaguars fan who has supported the team since its inception in 1995, and they will tell you there have only been two receivers on the team: Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell.

While there really have been those who achieved relative success (Willie Jackson, Torry Holt, Mike Thomas, Mike Sims-Walker), there are others who failed miserably (Andre Rison, R Jay Soward), and then there were those who were middle of the road on success (Reggie Williams, Matt Jones).

In other words, there were only two good receivers in Jacksonville's short-storied success.

And the current state of the receiving corps is so disgraceful, it looks like the team needs to just start over and hope for the best. With the new coaching staff under new head coach Mike Mularkey, there is hope things can turn around. With receivers coach Jerry Sullivan, maybe that is the case.

No more Jerry Porter's, no more Jason Hill's. Fans and management could be surprised with the names the Jaguars look to in both free agency and the upcoming draft.

While names like Justin Blackmon and Alshon Jeffery are bandied about as potential choices at the seventh selection in April, there are bigger names for this team to consider when free agency begins on April 13.

Enter Marques Colston.

Yes, the Marques Colston who has been the primary target of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Yes, the 6'4", 225-pound receiver from Hofstra. Yes, the receiver who could be better than Jimmy Smith and Keenan McCardell combined.

Yes, the Marques Colston who can make quarterback Blaine Gabbert look a lot better with a few touchdown grabs on red-zone plans.

Yes, that Marques Colston.

When free agency begins, the Jaguars have to know they will have to put together a package that makes sense and will be something Colston wants to look at. As a big-time receiver, other teams, better teams, will want his services. They will throw millions his way and make him promises of Super Bowls and Pro Bowls.

What the Jaguars have is youth, expectations and the chance to turn things around in a hurry. While Colston comes into the fold as the free-agent savior like Paul Posluszny was last season, his chance to help the team is that much greater.

Jacksonville's passing offense was the worst in the NFL least season.

While the Jaguars have taken a chance in the past with "big" receivers in Matt Jones, Reggie Williams and some could even say Marcedes Lewis, Colston gives them instant credibility. While he may not catch 80 to 90 passes a year at first with Gabbert behind center, he will help mold this team into a better passing offense.

Colston has been blessed with great talent in an offense that defies NFL logic. Things have been easy and he and Drew Brees have made it look easy. Now, it's a chance to see if one of the NFL's best receivers can make something dismal look even better when his talents are added to a new recipe.