Rajon Rondo Trade Rumors: Rondo Needs Fresh Start for Bright Future

Ben Shapiro@benshapironyc1 Analyst IIIMarch 8, 2012

Garnett and Rondo have provided Celtics fans with great memories.
Garnett and Rondo have provided Celtics fans with great memories.Elsa/Getty Images

There are people who will read the headline of this piece and immediately think this guy thinks Rondo can't make it in Boston.

That's not the case. 

"Fresh start" does not mean new team. It could mean same team with different teammates. It's not that his current teammates are inadequate. They're not; they're quite good in fact. Three of them will enter the Basketball Hall of Fame six years following their eventual retirement. 

This is about Rondo's future. That future has tons of potential whether he's wearing a Celtics uniform or another one. If he is to remain a member of the Boston Celtics, then the team is going to need to find players who can keep up with the frenetic pace he plays at. 

The current cast still can. At times, in fact, Rondo's pace pushes the team to a higher level of play. There are also times when Rondo is playing in fifth gear and his teammates are playing in third. Who's to blame for that disparity? Both sides can share in the blame for that problem.

The real issue is not so much the problem as it currently exists. It's that it's only going to get worse. Face facts: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen are not going to get younger, get a step of speed back or be able to pick up the pace consistently over the course of the next few seasons. 

That means that Rondo needs an infusion of youth and energy into whoever it is that runs the floor with him.

If that's with a rebuilding and restructuring Celtics team, then that's great. Adding younger players with more energy will ensure that Rondo can operate on the floor in the manner in which he is not just most comfortable but also most qualified for. 

Trading Rondo might accomplish that as well. It would of course depend on the destination. 

Adding Rondo to another aging team or a team that's focused on a half-court game wouldn't be a terrible thing, but it also wouldn't maximize Rondo's skills.

Putting Rondo onto a team with dynamic younger players who run and score frequently would be a great way to take advantage of his skills. A team such as Oklahoma City, with players such as Kevin Durant and James Harden, would be a fantastic way to highlight Rondo's considerable skills.

While a trade to Oklahoma City seems unlikely, they're still an example of the type of team that could bring out the best in Rondo.

Ideally the "fresh start" would be a younger version of the team he's on now. He doesn't need to be surrounded by three future hall of fame players but as good as Rondo is he's not an elite scorer. To best maximize his abilities he needs to have several viable offensive options to distribute the ball to. When that happens it allows Rondo to get open looks as well as open lanes to dribble penetrate.

The very best strategy for Rondo might be to remain in Boston and let the team bring in younger players for him to pass to and create scoring opportunities for. Whether or not that's the best strategy for the Boston Celtics is an entirely different matter.