Giants-Eagles: This Game Is Going To Be a Street Fight

Michael SamuelSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2009

Battles within the trenches usually seem to be what decides tough playoff games. The Giants hate the Eagles, and the same can be said about the teams fans as well as the cities. Some are dubbing this matchup the battle of the broads (New York's Broadway and Philadelphia's Broad Street). 

The Newark Star Ledger (a top suburban New York Paper) posted a video of the geographic mid-point between Times Square in NY and City Hall in Philadelphia. These two cities are so close to each other, and New Jersey is a key state that is divided in the rivalry. 

With the recent success of the Phillies over the Mets, it only heightened the rivalry between The City of Brotherly Love and The Big Apple.

That being said, both of these teams embody the spirit of grinding it out in order to win this football game. The snow and in climate weather that is being called for this game should just mean the game will become a more of a Smash Mouth situation. 

This type of mentality makes it seem as though each team will show up with 53 players and whichever team is less physical will lose the football game. Big Blue should be able to overpower the Eagles with their superior Offensive Line play as well as the bully of a RB in Brandon Jacobs. 

The Giants will be better off. Jacobs is able to touch the ball in the upwards of 25 times and plough through Eagles defenders. This could go along with the basic Giants game plan of running the ball, as well keeping the ball away from Eagles play makers.

The Giants have to approach this as a street fight in that they better be the one doing the hitting or else Eli Manning and his teammates will feel the wrath of the Eagles. In a street fight it comes down to who wants it more, and in this one the Giants will want it more.