Michigan Football Recruiting: The Top 2013 In-State Recruits Who Can't Slip Away

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIMarch 7, 2012

Michigan Football Recruiting: The Top 2013 In-State Recruits Who Can't Slip Away

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    It's not much of a surprise, but Michigan is off to an amazingly fast start when it comes to in-state recruiting.

    The top prospects in the state are committing to Michigan in large numbers; the real question is, how many do the Wolverines have room for?

    What's even more refreshing is how few are committing to play for Michigan State. Mark Dantonio is obviously way off base if he thinks MSU is the premiere program in the state.

    Here's a look at the top five players from the state of Michigan and what each one's current status is.

5. David Dawson, OL (Detroit)

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    David Dawson is just one of the many, many great offensive linemen the Wolverines currently have committed.

    Dawson is 6'5" and amazingly already weighs more than 300 pounds. He is right out of Cass Tech, so it's no surprise he committed to Michigan, seeing as how the recent success the Wolverines have had with the school.

    This kid wasn't just being recruited by Midwest schools, though. Dawson had impressive offers from the likes of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida State and UCLA.

    It is great to see this kid commit so early in the process and for Michigan to keep up their success in grabbing Cass Tech players.

    Current Status: Committed to Michigan

4. Jourdan Lewis, CB (Detroit)

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    Jourdan Lewis is another kid right out of Detroit.

    In fact, he is also from Cass Tech and is teammates with David Dawson.

    And like Dawson, Lewis committed to Michigan very early in the process as well.

    Some people may worry about cornerbacks coming out of Cass Tech, seeing as how Boubacar Cissoko was nothing but trouble, while the jury is still out on Terry Richardson.

    Only time will tell with Lewis. His list of offers is not impressive, and whether or not that's a cause for concern can be debated.

    Regardless, it is nice to have this kid already locked up.

    Current Status: Committed to Michigan

3. Wyatt Shallman, RB/DE (Novi)

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    Wyatt Shallman is a very versatile player who can play both running back and defensive end.

    However, the general consensus seems to be that he'll play running back. Playing fullback in college doesn't seem to be out of the question either, given his size (6'3", 255 lbs).

    Shallman's list of offers is nothing spectacular, as Cincinnati, Michigan State and Syracuse are the only other schools of note that have offered him. He is actually former high school teammates with incoming Michigan freshman Matt Godin.

    Current Status: Committed to Michigan

2. Steve Elmer, OL (Midland)

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    Steve Elmer is right out of Midland, but has been committed to Notre Dame since September of 2011.

    The pain of losing this kid to Notre Dame has been eased tremendously lately, though, as Michigan has pulled in five big-time offensive linemen in recent weeks.

    In fact, they might not even be pursuing Elmer anymore, as the staff may be content with the five they already have.

    If a sixth one is going to be added, though, there looks to be a more likely candidate than Elmer: Ethan Pocic. Pocic is from Illinois, is one of the best linemen in the country and is rated higher than Elmer.

    Whether a sixth lineman will be taken remains to be seen, though.

    Current Status: Committed to Notre Dame

1. Shane Morris, QB (Warren)

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    Well, this is a no-brainer here at No. 1. Honestly, you can't even think about putting somebody else in this spot.

    Shane Morris is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, is the clear-cut top player in the state of Michigan and is a diehard Wolverine fan.

    Anyone who has ever listened to Morris talk will realize just how committed he is to the Michigan program. What's even more amazing is that he is only a junior in high school.

    Imagine what this kid will be like once he arrives on campus. I honestly hate to say this, but Morris will make fans forget about Denard Robinson quite soon. Morris will instantly be a fan favorite (even though he basically already is), and he will be the face of the program for years to come.

    Current Status: Committed to Michigan