28 Days of 'Mania: 5 Matches We Still Need to See in South Beach

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIMarch 7, 2012

28 Days of 'Mania: 5 Matches We Still Need to See in South Beach

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    WrestleMania 28 hasn't even begun yet and we have some amazing matches to talk about and drool over. Titles will be exchanged, blood will be spilled and honor will be restored.

    And amid all that, we still have the Hell in a Cell to look forward to, as well as confrontations between Shawn Michaels, Triple H and The Undertaker.

    This will be the best WrestleMania ever because of the sheer volume of promotion. The WWE superstars who are part of the spectacle will make it special. On the grandest stage, anything can happen.

    That being said, as fans, we all want more.

    Here are five matches we all still want to see.

Eve vs. Kelly Kelly

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    Let's start out with a little love for the ladies of the WWE.

    Yes, I actually said that.

    Eve is on an island right now and the WWE Universe wants to call her every name in the book. The angle took an awful turn from the get go and there has to be an arc that can bring this full circle or else it needs to go away quickly.

    Eve is an awful actor and Zack Ryder has proven to be just as bad.

    However, a "friends who are now foes" angle could work between Eve and Kelly Kelly. The jealousy angle could be one more thing for the WWE Universe to get excited about in the division.

Santino Marella and David Otunga

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    While I am not a fan of either, I think a match between the two of them—minus the "cobra"—could be entertaining.

    Marella winning the U.S. title is as crazy as the strap being put on Zack Ryder. We went from months of great wrestling by Dolph Ziggler, to a crappy run by Zack Ryder, to a un-contested run by Jack Swagger, to a hand-sock toting champion.

    The U.S. title hasn't been this abused since David Flair held it in WCW.

The Miz and Alberto Del Rio

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    This is a match in which we get to see how the fans could react to The Miz turning face.

    It makes so much sense, I am surprised I thought of it myself.

    Off camera, these two men have real hate for each other. Del Rio has mentioned it before.

    Some of the best stuff in wrestling's reality television is real legitimate things that are played out. This would be AWESOME!

Kane and Randy Orton

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    It has not been made official yet, but it is coming.

    Truthfully, this could be more entertaining than Rock/John Cena and Sheamus/Daniel Bryan.

    Both of these guys needed a dance partner and now they've found each other. They can both thank Wade Barrett for that.

    It could be an awesome battle.

The Emergence of Rob Van Dam

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    It's WrestleMania and while we have some great matches already planned out, we still could use some excitement on wrestling's grandest stage.

    Bring on the "Whole F'ing Show."

    Pay-per-views are supposed to be showstoppers. RVD coming to South Beach would do that.

    Since he has not been seen in wrestling for over a month, it would be high time for him to make a grand entrance.

    The WWE Universe needs that kind of adrenaline.