CrossTalk: Giants vs. Eagles, No Love Lost

Hot Stove New YorkSenior Writer IJanuary 9, 2009


Hate. It’s an important part of life as a fan.  It’s the yin to the yang of loving your team unconditionally. There will be plenty of hate flowing on Sunday at 1PM (EST) at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. 

The Eagles and the Giants dislike each other, which that makes sense. They are competing for the same prize. It’s natural. As for the fans.  Well the reasons are a little less logical.  What fuels the fire of the fans?  Two fans gave some answers.


Jonathan Atwood-Hot Stove Philly/ Eagles Fan

There are certain expectations that go along with being an Eagles fan: chant “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!” at random intervals at any sporting event you attend; buy a Dallas Sucks, TO Swallows T-shirt at some point in your life; hate the Cowboys with every fiber of your being; and, of course, hate the Giants.

Most Eagles fans hate the Cowboys more than the Giants, which is the same for all three NFC East teams not located in Dallas, but I actually hate the Giants more. It’s probably because I grew up in South Jersey, which does not have as many Giants fans as central or northern Jersey, but it has enough that you come to loathe the team’s very existence.

I have to admit, I chuckled to myself a little every time Plaxico Burress did something stupid and decided that it must have been divine retribution against Giants’ fans (for all the joy they got out of watching TO destroy the Eagles) when he shot himself in the leg. I just hate the Giants, and here are the Top Five reasons why.


Eli Manning


Tom Coughlin


Plaxico Burress


New York fans get away with being jerks


The Giants play in New Jersey, not New York.

Kwame Flaherty-Hot Stove New York/Giants Fan



  • Randall Cunningham- He could heave it 80 yards. He could scramble for a 50 yard score. He could even punt. Despite being a disappointment. Philadelphia never deserved a player this fun to watch.  I will admit that part the hate for Randall Cunningham is born out of envy. Randall Cunningham might have been the coolest quarterback ever. Not the best. He didn’t learn how to read defenses until he was 45 and with the Vikings. But he was just cool. Everything he did was exciting.


  • Via Sikahimma- He probably made one big play in his entire career and it was against the Giants. I’ve never hated a touchdown celebration by an opposing player more.


  • The Vet - The Eagles used the Vet to take “home field advantage” to another level. The field was simply not fit for playing professional football. Or pee-wee football. Or freeze tag. Opposing players routinely blew out knee ligaments because the turf was a mess.  There were exposed seems everywhere. It was uneven. The “Astrotuf” had all the cushion and support of a bathroom mat. But for some reason this was ok with the NFL and the Eagles. When Michael Irvin’s career ended there, that was the only time I felt bad for a Dallas Cowboy.  Which brings us to….


  • The Fans – As fans we can trash talk in internet forums and bars all day.  Curse at the opposing team. Put up banners. Mass produce offensive t-shirts. Even the occasional fight in the stands is somewhat acceptable. But Philly fans push things to another level.  They throw batteries. Spit at players. And cheer when a player for another team is injured.  Stay classy, Philadelphia.


  • Buddy Ryan- In a word, Buddy Ryan was simply an A-hole. Ryan didn’t just support dirty play and cheap shots, he encouraged it.  He buddyryanput a bounty on a kicker. A KICKER!!  And he did all of this with a smile and a “so what it’s illegal” attitude. Bill Simmons always compares teams to the Cobra Kai.  The only real comparison can be the mid-'80s Eagles. Not only would they sweep the leg, they step on your crotch afterward.