CrossTalk: Giants vs. Eagles, No Love Lost

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CrossTalk: Giants vs. Eagles, No Love Lost



Hate. It’s an important part of life as a fan.  It’s the yin to the yang of loving your team unconditionally. There will be plenty of hate flowing on Sunday at 1PM (EST) at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. 

The Eagles and the Giants dislike each other, which that makes sense. They are competing for the same prize. It’s natural. As for the fans.  Well the reasons are a little less logical.  What fuels the fire of the fans?  Two fans gave some answers.


Jonathan Atwood-Hot Stove Philly/ Eagles Fan

There are certain expectations that go along with being an Eagles fan: chant “E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!” at random intervals at any sporting event you attend; buy a Dallas Sucks, TO Swallows T-shirt at some point in your life; hate the Cowboys with every fiber of your being; and, of course, hate the Giants.

Most Eagles fans hate the Cowboys more than the Giants, which is the same for all three NFC East teams not located in Dallas, but I actually hate the Giants more. It’s probably because I grew up in South Jersey, which does not have as many Giants fans as central or northern Jersey, but it has enough that you come to loathe the team’s very existence.

I have to admit, I chuckled to myself a little every time Plaxico Burress did something stupid and decided that it must have been divine retribution against Giants’ fans (for all the joy they got out of watching TO destroy the Eagles) when he shot himself in the leg. I just hate the Giants, and here are the Top Five reasons why.


Eli Manning

    e_manning_040424_iaThere is nothing I dislike more in sports than a player who is drafted and refuses to go play for that team. If you are a really good player, then you are going to get drafted high in the draft. Teams that draft high are, by definition, bad teams. That’s how bad teams get better; they get high draft picks to draft good players. And my dislike for this kind of behavior did not start with Eli and the Giants.

    It’s why I don’t like J.D. Drew, and why I don’t like John Elway (gasp!). It’s arrogant and unprofessional, and I wouldn’t like Eli no matter where he played; he just happens to have the added benefit of playing for the Giants.


Tom Coughlin

    The idea that this guy is all of a sudden an incredible coach is laughable. He came very close to getting fired by the Giants several times, and was nearly run out of town by the second team in a row. He is an arrogant jerk who runs his team like it’s a boot camp. But all of a sudden, because his team won the Super Bowl, he is a genius.

    It’s the same with Manning. All of a sudden, this kid is the best quarterback in the league, despite the fact that every radio show, sports column, and fan was calling for his head on a platter right next to Coughlin’s.

    It’s as absurd as saying that Andy Reid is now “the great motivator.” That’s crap. If Kevin Kolb had played well in the Baltimore game, then McNabb never would have played against the Cardinals. Reid simply got lucky because he drafted a crappy quarterback in the second round a couple years ago.

    Coughlin is a jerk and an OK coach. He’s obviously got some coaching talent, his team won the SuperBowl and he did pretty well in Carolina, but he is far from the likes of Parcells, Cowher, or Belichick.


Plaxico Burress

    I am so sick of these jackass wide receivers. Why is it that this position attracts talented morons? T.O? Randy Moss? Keyshawn Johnson? Plaxico is another in a long line of wideout morons whose personality finally caught up with him. I understand that a lot of football players carry guns, but Plex shooting himself is just so very fitting.

    He is the type of player that makes me dislike football. These jive, arrogant, loud mouth players who think they are the greatest thing on God’s green earth, give the league a bad name. Guys like Burress, TO, and Neon Deion are what is wrong with the NFL.

    I, for one, am sad he’s gone from playing for the Giants, I thought they were a perfect match.


New York fans get away with being jerks

    The reputation that Philadelphia is the toughest city to play in has never been stronger than it is today. With former players like moron Deion Sanders, Emmitt Smith and former Giant “Toothless” Michael Strahan, publicly coming to the “defense” of Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb, it has brought the reputation back to the forefront of discussion in the national sports world. We, in Philadelphia, are supposedly too mean to Donovan; we apparently don’t appreciate the incredible athlete that we have and won’t appreciate him until he’s gone.

    Apparently it was our entire fan base that went to New York a decade ago with ultra-idiot Angelo Cataldi and booed Donovan when he was selected with the second pick in the draft over Ricky Williams (uh, there were 30 people there); apparently it was the entire fanbase that amassed to a smattering of boos during McNabb’s first incomplete pass against the Cardinals on Thanksgiving (apparently a stadium of some 60,000 fans booing only sounds like a couple thousand); apparently tying the Cincinnati Bengals and playing the worst six quarters of your life is no reason for the fans to be upset.

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about how mean and unappreciative we are in Philly of our sports athletes, while the equally as tough media and fanbase in New York gets away with it. Who died and gave them an eternal Get Out of Jail Free card? Yes, the fans and media in Philly are tough.

    Yes, they may be tougher than most other cities, especially wussy towns like St. Louis and Los Angeles. But it’s garbage to say that we are tougher or meaner than New York. We can’t help but fall all over ourselves to sing the praises of Charlie Manuel now, whereas Yankees’ fans constantly gave hell to Joe Torre.

    I’ve never seen a fanbase harder on a player then the Yankees were on Alex Rodriguez, despite the fact that he is the best player in the major leagues. Now don’t get me wrong, I can totally sympathize with Yankees fans at A-Rod’s infuriating inability to perform under pressure in the playoffs, and I’m not saying that New York fans are unnecessarily hard, but the national media can’t act like we are these mean SOBs in Philly, whereas New York is just New York.


The Giants play in New Jersey, not New York.

    It drives me crazy that the Giants are called the New York Giants, whereas my tax dollars (as a New Jersey resident) fund the Giants. If I have to pay for them, then I would like to at least get the recognition that they play in my state.

    They are not the New York Giants; they are the New Jersey Giants. New York is more than welcome to have them, I sure as hell don’t really want them playing in New Jersey.

    But if New York City and its outlying New York suburbs refuse to house them (and their AFC counterpart the Jets), then they shouldn’t be able to lay claim to them. You get the Bills, that’s enough.


Kwame Flaherty-Hot Stove New York/Giants Fan

    One of my favorite moments this NFL season was flipping over to Fox randomly during Week 12. To my delight, the Eagles were getting smoked by the Baltimore Ravens. Pounded. Destroyed.  The Ravens’ Ed Reed just took an interception to the house. Donovan McNabb was standing on the sidelines in a puffy coat and gloves, looking like someone had just stolen all of his Chunky Soup. I couldn’t have been happier.


    That is one of the best things about being a fan. Seeing a player or team you hate getting rolled. And I hate the Eagles.  It’s not Dallas Cowboy hate (I found myself rooting for the Eagles in their season finale against Dallas, go figure), but still hate. Why you ask? Well it’s simple really.


  • Randall Cunningham- He could heave it 80 yards. He could scramble for a 50 yard score. He could even punt. Despite being a disappointment. Philadelphia never deserved a player this fun to watch.  I will admit that part the hate for Randall Cunningham is born out of envy. Randall Cunningham might have been the coolest quarterback ever. Not the best. He didn’t learn how to read defenses until he was 45 and with the Vikings. But he was just cool. Everything he did was exciting.


  • Via Sikahimma- He probably made one big play in his entire career and it was against the Giants. I’ve never hated a touchdown celebration by an opposing player more.


  • The Vet - The Eagles used the Vet to take “home field advantage” to another level. The field was simply not fit for playing professional football. Or pee-wee football. Or freeze tag. Opposing players routinely blew out knee ligaments because the turf was a mess.  There were exposed seems everywhere. It was uneven. The “Astrotuf” had all the cushion and support of a bathroom mat. But for some reason this was ok with the NFL and the Eagles. When Michael Irvin’s career ended there, that was the only time I felt bad for a Dallas Cowboy.  Which brings us to….


  • The Fans – As fans we can trash talk in internet forums and bars all day.  Curse at the opposing team. Put up banners. Mass produce offensive t-shirts. Even the occasional fight in the stands is somewhat acceptable. But Philly fans push things to another level.  They throw batteries. Spit at players. And cheer when a player for another team is injured.  Stay classy, Philadelphia.


  • Buddy Ryan- In a word, Buddy Ryan was simply an A-hole. Ryan didn’t just support dirty play and cheap shots, he encouraged it.  He buddyryanput a bounty on a kicker. A KICKER!!  And he did all of this with a smile and a “so what it’s illegal” attitude. Bill Simmons always compares teams to the Cobra Kai.  The only real comparison can be the mid-'80s Eagles. Not only would they sweep the leg, they step on your crotch afterward.

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