Giants-Eagles: Big Game for Big Blue

Chris ValContributor IJanuary 9, 2009

On Jan. 11, 2009 the New York Giants will face their arch rival the Philadelphia Eagles.  On game day in East Rutherford, NJ, the weather man is calling for a cold day and snowy morning, warranting the Giants to run the ball down the Eagles' throats. 

This game is the Giants' opportunity to put an end to the hype in calling the Eagles last year's Giants. This is the Giants opportunity to establish their dominance in the NFC East, in which they have waited to do since their last reign in the 80's and early 90's. 

The Giants will come to play Sunday with having an extra week off. The offensive line is rested and you better believe Brandon Jacobs is ready to go, "I can go out and run full speed, make harder cuts, I'm ready to go. I feel real good, I feel real good about our situation and where we are right now, just cant wait till the game gets here", said Jacobs.  

Jacobs is ready to play come Sunday and he is so motivated for Sunday to where coach Tom Coughlin keeps having to remind him that the game isn't until Sunday. "All day long he's been saying, you know Brandon, the games on Sunday.

"I'm wired, you got to think about it, I didn't do anything for the past two weeks.  I feel like my production has been down when I have played, so I want come out be able to produce and help my team win, and I want everybody fired up", said Jacobs.

Jacobs is healthy, fired up and ready to run against the Philadelphia Eagles. On the other hand, the Eagles better be ready for Brandon Jacobs. 

In the first game the Giants faced the Eagles, Jacobs ran for 126 yards with two touchdowns on 22 carries.  In the second matchup, Jacobs was on his way to a repeat performance running for 52 yards on 10 carries, but got hurt midway through the game.

The Eagles ability to stop Brandon Jacobs depends heavily on their chances of winning the game. 

Another player the Eagles need to look out for is Kevin Boss.  In the first game Boss caught six passes for 69 yards and a beautiful diving touchdown catch in traffic. Boss is a huge threat catching the ball and making big plays after the catch. So, obviously, stopping Boss will also be on the itinerary for the Eagles.

For the Giants, Eli Manning needs to bring the same game that he brought last year to the playoffs and without Burress, it will be difficult, but everyone is very confident that Domenik Hixon can step up and get the job done. 

"I think with our young, talented receiving core, we've got a lot of guys that have proven to be able to step up.  We're all real confident in Domenik and obviously losing Plaxico is a big loss for us but with Hixon and the rest of our young receiving core, we're all comfortable and confident as what we can do as an offense", said Boss. 

It's apparent that the New York Football Giants are ready to go. They will take the field with enthusiasm, confidence, and a competitive edge. The Giants understand that this game is no gimme, they are going to have to work for a full 60 minutes to pull out a victory against a very hot Philadelphia team.  

Their offense needs to stay balanced with doses of Jacobs and Ward along with their defense flying to the ball and filling the running gaps. The Giants need to be prepared and game plan for even a banged up Brian Westbrook because shutting him down is their defensive key to victory.

From Monday through Saturday, the media and the critics get to do the talking, but come Sunday, the Giants will let their play do the talking and the Eagles will witness why the Giants are the defending Super Super Bowl Champions.