An Unbiased College Football Fan's Take on the National Championship Game

Travis MillerAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2009

I live in New York. The BCS National Championship game means squat to me. My allegiance in college football is to Virginia Tech. That’s as far south as I roll.

Sitting at the bar to watch the game, there’s actually a hardcore Florida fan who is amped and ready to go.

He looks like a tool.

Not just because of the way he’s acting or because we’re so far away from any of these teams…I’m sure there are actual Florida fans around, but I saw this guy a couple weeks ago wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey for their Saturday night game. And this summer he would be rocking his Yankees jersey to the bar. You catching my drift?

So anyway, even though I’ve taken Florida from every way to next September, I decide to start rooting for the Sooners because of this guy. Slightly less tolerable than Bob Stoops.

Makes me wonder how much of my hatred for Derek Jeter is just due to being a Mets fan around championship-clad Yankee fans when I was growing up.

Anyway, at this point, we’re in the first half, Florida scores first, this guy is going nuts. Oklahoma ties it up and he shuts up, but then the Sooners go to the red zone twice more in the half and get nothing out of it. This guy is going crazy.

I leave at halftime to watch the rest of the game at home.

Fox has done a great job of selling me this game. I studied sports communications in college. I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade to suck in viewers, but they still sold this to me.

Tim Tebow is nuts. He has the resume of a Saint. Everyone should have a crush on Tim Tebow.

I do.

At first I thought he was faking the emotion because he knew he was on national TV, but then I realized…this guy is actually out of his mind.

I love college bands. I really took the Marching Virginians at VT for granted. If any Marching Virginians are reading this, please accept my apology to your predecessors.

We clearly see who the better quarterback is tonight. Bradford looks lost with all this pressure. He’s not ready for the NFL.

Announcers’ silence means everything when Florida makes the fourth down stop. Bedlam.

Members of the Gators are getting the Gatorade cooler with two minutes and change left in the game. Now I really hope they lose and look completely ridiculous. “They’re about to unload on [Urban Meyer],” our sexually frustrated analyst comments.

I’d love to see Utah vs USC vs Florida. I expect the analyst to suggest a three-way football game?

Chomp, chomp, chomp. Love the personal foul on the guy everyone is in awe over, Pyscho Tebow. Timmy being Timmy. Uno Cinco. This guy is going to be a great pro.

Bob Stoops is a champ for not kicking these cameramen in the face.

Excellent team effort on the Gatorade dump. Five stars.

Congratulations to the National Champions, the Utah Utes. Don't accuse me of stealing the idea of the last line from Rick Reilly. He's not the only person who thinks the Utes are getting the short end of the stick.