WWE: Previewing the Feud Between Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis

Colton Kokrda@kokrdaCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2012

WWE: Previewing the Feud Between Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis

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    In recent weeks, there has been a feud developing between the two general managers of each show, John Laurinaitis of Raw and Teddy Long of SmackDown.

    Laurinaitis wants to take control of both shows, and that forced Long to counter with the same desire. The feud is starting to get to the boiling point, as the two came close to fighting last night on Raw.

    Here are a few different ways this angle could go.

Nothing Happens

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    One possibility of this feud is that nothing really comes of it.

    Laurinaitis and Long could continue their bickering back and forth and debating who should run both shows until they both come to grips that they should just run their own show to the best of their ability.

    This could help develop more competition between the two brands to see which brand will lay claim to the "best" in WWE.

    This is the most unlikely scenario, though.

Teddy Long Becomes GM for Both Shows

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    This may be the fan favorite, as Teddy Long has long been liked by the WWE Universe.

    Teddy Long would bring some fun back to Raw that has been lacking with Laurinaitis at the helm.

    However, that would also take away from the heel corporate head that has been present with Laurinaitis at the helm of things.

John Laurinaitis Becomes GM for Both Shows

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    Johnny Ace has been on a mission to become the general manager of both shows for a couple weeks now.

    With sidekick lawyer David Otunga by his side, Laurinaitis has been pushing for control of both shows.

    This would present both shows with the corporate heel that was present during the Attitude Era with Mr. McMahon on top.

Both Brands Merge Under One GM

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    This possibility deserves some merit.

    Back in August, Triple H stated that Raw will become a "supershow" with SmackDown wrestlers appearing on Raw until further notice.

    This had lead to the discussion that perhaps the brand-expansion era of WWE is starting to come to an end.

    In this scenario, both brands would merge into just one for the WWE. The WWE and World Heavyweight Championship would be merged down to one title, and that would up the prestige of the US Championship and Intercontinental Championship belts as well.

    This could also see a huge increase in the tag-team division in an effort to get more superstars exposure. Perhaps stables will make an appearance again.

Both Teddy Long and Johnny Ace Are Stripped from Their Position

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    After his epic match set for WrestleMania, Triple H could be done wrestling on a "regular" occurrence.

    Over the weeks, we have seen Triple H start to transition into the corporate COO that the WWE has been lacking since Vince McMahon has gone off-air.

    He threw out terms and phrases such as "protecting the brand" and "looking out for the future of the business" in his promos.

    Triple H is still too big of a star to be solely behind the scenes. The WWE Universe still loves him, and if his wrestling days are behind him, look for him to take the leadership role by running the show again.

Johnny Ace and Teddy Long Face off at WrestleMania

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    This could be an interesting match to see.

    The feud between these two will likely culminate at WrestleMania.

    Teddy Long got physical with Johnny Ace last night on Raw by shoving him down.

    This could be a preview to a match between the two.

    Johnny Ace used to be a wrestler over in Japan, so he knows the basics of wrestling. Teddy Long doesn't have much experience wrestling, though, as he used to be a referee before turning over to the administration side of the business.

    This match would remind me too much of Michael Cole wrestling, but it deserves recognition as a possibility.

Representatives Meet at WrestleMania

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    The most likely possibility is Johnny Ace and Teddy Long will "endorse" superstars to fight on their behalf at WrestleMania, with the winning team gaining control of both shows for the respective GM.

    Johnny Ace would likely include his sidekick David Otunga, and could call upon Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and Christian as shown at Elimination Chamber.

    Teddy Long could call upon the likes of Randy Orton (who doesn't currently have a match at WrestleMania), R-Truth, Kofi Kingston and the Big Show for his team.