Los Angeles Clippers: 4 Bold Predictions for Lob City Following All-Star Break

Sammy Sucu@oblivion08Senior Analyst IFebruary 28, 2012

Los Angeles Clippers: 4 Bold Predictions for Lob City Following All-Star Break

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    The Los Angeles Clippers will improve after the All-Star Break.

    At 20-11, the Clippers are third in the Western Conference and are 5.5 games behind the first place Oklahoma City Thunder.

    So far, the Clippers have had one of their best seasons in franchise history and are looking forward to getting back on the court now that All-Star weekend is behind them.

    “Lob City” is looking to cash in on the second half of the NBA season and preparing to make a huge splash in the playoffs to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. “Lob City” has played up to par with their expectations so far in the year, but they need to continue to improve to reach the ultimate prize: the NBA Championship.

    Here are four bold predictions for the Clippers following the All-Star break. 

CP3 Will Win the MVP

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    Chris Paul will win the league's most valuable player because of his consistent level of play in the second half of the season.

    Taking a team from the bottom of the Western Conference to the top should be enough to help earn CP3 the MVP honors. If that does not convince the voters then they should take a look at how the Clippers have been doing against the better teams in the NBA. The Clippers have beat the Denver Nuggets, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder because of the high level of play from Chris Paul. 

    Chris Paul has been playing, and will continue to play, at an MVP level and help develop the young talent around him. With 19.2 points, 8.6 assists and 2.3 steals per game, Chris Paul is putting up great numbers for a team that he joined two weeks prior to the start of the season without a true offseason. 

    Chris Paul will finally earn his first MVP trophy, and if this season is a sign of things to come for the Clippers then this may not be his last. 

They Will Make a Trade

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    The Clippers will make a minor trade with another team to help solidify their bench or address the huge hole left by the loss of Chauncey Billups.

    “Lob City” lost the J.R. Smith sweepstakes and are still looking for someone to replace Billups in their starting lineup because Randy Foye is not cutting it for them.

    Although there have not bee any trade rumors involving the Clippers as of late, expect for them to try to make a move.

    The Clippers should get on the phone with the Memphis Grizzlies as soon as possible and try to ship either Mo Williams or Eric Bledsoe for OJ Mayo. Mayo would be a great addition to the Clippers lineup and would definitely make them the cream of the crop in the West.

    Even if the Clippers do not trade for Mayo, they will likely look to move one of their “excess” players for a position of need. 

They Will Win Their Division

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    The Clippers will win the Pacific Division title.

    Unlike the rest of the successful teams NBA, the Clippers have a significantly different team than they did last year. Although most people expected the Clipps to be as successful as they are now, the fact that they have played so well is astonishing.

    Common sense says that this high level of play will only get better in the second half of the season, which will be enough to counterbalance whatever the Los Angeles Lakers bring to the table when the trade deadline passes.

    Considering the Lakers are the only other competition for the Clippers in the Pacific Division, it is safe to believe that the Clippers will win the division crown. The Lakers are the most enigmatic team in the NBA and seem to be slowly falling apart because of player insecurities and locker room troubles. The Clippers are the complete opposite and are getting closer to each other with every game played.

    The Clipps will celebrate a rare Pacific Division title this year, and it may not be the last one they celebrate. 

They Will Win the Western Conference

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    The Clippers will outplay every team in the West and go into the playoffs as the number one seed in their conference.

    Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and company will play better basketball than anyone else in the second half of the season. “Lob City” will look to dominate every team standing in their path, as they finally seem to get it all together.

    It would be wrong to think that a team that has only been together for 31 games but has still produced early success will not get better as the season progresses.

    The Clippers will shock the world by winning the West this year despite the high level of play from San Antonio and Oklahoma City and any major or minor changes the Lakers make prior the trade deadline. 


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