2012 NFL Draft: 6 Players Jacksonville Jaguars Need to Focus on After Combine

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIFebruary 29, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: 6 Players Jacksonville Jaguars Need to Focus on After Combine

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    The NFL Scouting Combine sure has a way of leveling the playing field for potential NFL players.

    After watching players run drills, lift weights, get checked for body fat and answer obscure questions from scouts and media types, NFL teams have a better understanding of whom they want on their draft boards come April.

    And yes, this will change again with pro day events coming up in March and April.

    However, now that the Jacksonville Jaguars brass have talked with many potential stars, they may have a new list of "wishes" come April 26. And if more than one of these wishes are available when they pick in the first round, we have a whole other series of roads to travel down to make sure the right player is wearing black and teal next season.

    These players should be high on Jacksonville's wish list.

Justin Blackmon, Receiver, Oklahoma State

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    If the Jaguars can get him at the seventh spot without trading anything to move, this is a major move for the team.

    However, I don't see it happening. If the Jaguars want the best receiver in the draft, they will need to trade up to get him.

    Blackmon is not as fast as other receivers but catches everything thrown to him. Jacksonville needs a new Jimmy Smith and Blackmon appears ready to fill that request.

Melvin Ingram, Defensive End, South Carolina

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    The more I see of him, the more I like him.

    He can play standing up on the edge or with a hand on the ground in a 4-3. He even showed an ability to play defensive tackle in workouts at the combine.

    Ingram is a hybrid defender who can be a multiple-use guy for the Jaguars. And with this team still needing a few key components, versatility may be the best option.

Kendall Wright, Recevier, Baylor

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    Some draft insiders had Wright as the second best receiver in this lot. I wonder how many do now that they have seen him run at the combine.

    Wright still will catch everything in sight and be a nice option for Blaine Gabbert in the seam or underneath, and you can be sure he will be used in the return game, which is another plus.

Morris Claiborne, Defensive Back, LSU

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    The Jaguars may have a shot at the best defensive back in the draft, which could affect how they handle re-signing Rashean Mathis and Dwight Lowery.

    Personally, I believe you need all three to survive.

    Claiborne is a beast in a Rod Woodson kind of way.

    The Jaguars have never had a true shutdown defender and Claiborne will give them that opportunity.

Janoris Jenkins, Defensive Back, North Alabama

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    He was rated as the second best defensive back after the combine, and Jenkins has come a long way since his playing days at Florida. His maturity is something nice to see.

    There was never any doubt this kid could play and cover receivers and running backs like a blanket, but the personal stuff may have gotten in the way of where he would be drafted.

    Based purely on talent and ability, there are not many who are better.

Vinny Curry, Defensive End, Marshall

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    If the Jaguars can get Curry in the second or third round, he would do a lot to help the pass rush for this team. Remember, Tony Brackens was a second-round selection, and while he was in the league, he tore it up as a pass-rusher.

    I think Curry can be the same kind of player.

    If Curry is on the left side and Jeremy Mincey is on the right (provided the Jaguars re-sign him), this team has two really good bookend defenders and pass-rushers.