Arsenal vs. Tottenham: Following the North London Derby on Twitter

Jocelyn Taub@@JT4Mets4ArsenalCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2012

Arsenal vs. Tottenham: Following the North London Derby on Twitter

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    It has been a crazy up and down season of emotions for Arsenal fans. The highs have been great and the lows have been miserable. Unfortunately, this has led to some divisions and bickering between supporters.

    One thing that always unites Arsenal fans, however, is the North London derby. Nothing brings people together like a common enemy, and the rivalry between Arsenal and Spurs goes back over 100 years.

    Going in to Sunday's match against Tottenham, Arsenal fans were even more tense than usual. For the first time in the Arsene Wenger era, Spurs have a chance to finish above the Gunners in the Premier League table. The last time this happened was in 1995. A Tottenham win would widen the gap between the two teams at 13. An Arsenal win would bring the point difference down to seven.

    Leading up to the game, the "Twitterverse" was abuzz with trash talk and pre-game predictions. One of the best things about Twitter is the ability to connect with football fans from all over the world. The "Gooner Family" on Twitter is vast and allows for some great banter between supporters.

    The pre-match trash talking between Spurs and Arsenal fans was filling my Twitter time line, and I took note of some of the comments as the game progressed.

    So here is a sampling of the commentary on the North London Derby, courtesy of Twitter.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Pre-Game

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    With the media going on and on about a power shift in North London, the pre-game comments found Tottenham fans confident and Arsenal supporters defiant.

    Spurs Fans

    @Andy_RutRut I know it's rather early but I cannot wait until we beat Arsenal this weekend #COYS

    @TheFleagle Wonder if the Goons realise exactly how badly they are going to be embarrassed by Spurs at the weekend....#COYS #NorthLondonIsOurs

    Arsenal Fans

    @positivegunner #WhenSpudslastwonTheleague Man had never been to the moon and Pluto was still a planet #NorthLondonIsRed

    @ClockEnders Lads having a team meeting on the pitch led by RvP and Vermaelen. They look bang up for it #NorthLondonIsRed

Arsenal 0-1 Tottenham

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    Things got off to a shaky start for Arsenal as they went down by one goal in the fourth minute. Louis Saha's shot took a deflection off of defender Thomas Vermaelen and past goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

    Tottenham Fans

    @TotalTottenham GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 Saha. We're going to DESTROY them!#THFC #COYS #Spurs

     4mins? It took  4mins to open up 's defense! Wow. It's going to be a long afternoon at The Emirates for Arsene. Saha 1-0

    Arsenal Fans

    @MartinArsenalFC Ugh. Awful, awful defending—how in the world did Saha get so much space?

     1-0 to Spurs already with a poxy deflection and the  defence all over the place

Arsenal 0, Tottenham 2

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    A controversial penalty was awarded to Tottenham in the 34th minute as Gareth Bale went down easily in the box trying to pass Szczesny. Replays showed there was no contact but referee Mike Dean awarded the penalty, and Emmanuel Adebayor gave Spurs a two-goal lead.

    Tottenham Fans

    @thespursweb 2-0! We want 3, we want 3!

    @joederrett 0-2 so easy at the arsenal. #coys

    Arsenal Fans

    @QueenCityGooner Wow. Just wow. again, mike dean is Tottenham's best player. Greg Louganis would be proud of Bale's work. #arsenal

    @piersmorgan Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, Adebayor scores a penalty. We're getting steamrollered. Horrific to watch. #Arsenal

    (It must be noted that Piers Morgan is universally reviled by Arsenal fans and jumps on and off the band wagon like a gymnast.)

Arsenal 1-2 Tottenham

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    Arsenal showed signs of life before the half as Bacary Sagna sent a thundering header in to the back of Brad Friedel's net in the 40th minute. It was game on at 1-2.

    Tottenham Fans 

    @thfc Sagna gets one back for the goons. Arsenal 1 - 2 spurs. This is going to be stressful, we don't do it any other way #COYS

    Arsenal Fans

    @MikelArteta08 Gooooooallll!!!!! Bacary Sagna you beauty!!!!!!!!! Get in. What a header. Arsenal 1-2 Sp*rs!


    Darren Lewis ‏ @MirrorDarren Nice header from Sagna to make it 2-1. A horrible afternoon for Walcott though. Surely he won't be out for the second half.

    (Remember what he's said as the game progresses!)

Arsenal 2-2 Tottenham

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    Just three minutes later and the game was tied, as Robin van Persie curled a beautiful shot into the net. It was 2-2 at the half.

    Tottenham Fans

    @SpursFanSite What a Match we're having 2-2 ! Cant believe we threw away a 2-0 lead! Oh well theirs still another 45 minutes #alltoplayfor

     HT: Arsenal 2-2 . We were in a great position 2-0 up but couldn't keep our heads and keep possession. Must do better! 

    Arsenal Fans

    @BoboChubbles19 RVP with a wonder goal 2-2 WHAT A GAME


Arsenal 3-2 Tottenham

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    Arsenal came out attacking in the second half, as Tomas Rosicky gave Arsenal the lead 3-2 in the 51st minute. Rosicky has been on fire of late, and the goal was definitely deserved. 

    Tottenham Fans

    @thfc Arsenal 3 - 2 spurs. This isn't right

    @DAaronovitch When you make 2 subs at half-time it means you know you got your team and tactics wrong. Unfortunately we then got them wronger.#coys

    Arsenal Fans

    @MattCarr85 What a come back. I'm so proud to be a Gooner

    @th14Renato The "Best midfield in the league" says talkSPORT. Just got owned by Song, Arteta and Rosicky

Arsenal 4-2 Tottenham

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    Theo Walcott has taken a lot of abuse lately from Arsenal fans for some less than stellar performances. In fact, some were calling for him to be taken off following the first half. 

    Walcott proved them wrong when he put the ball over Friedel and gave Arsenal a 4-2 lead in the 65th minute.

    Tottenham Fans

     Ashamed to say I walked out of the pub at 4-2 this afternoon. The people of Islington don't take kindly to Spurs fans. Kudos to Arsenal2day

     We've not lost yet. 

    Arsenal Fans

    Jamie Sanderson ‏ @YoungGunsBlog Arsenal are motoring now. Walcott, so short of confidence earlier, now makes it 4-2. Sensational come back.

    Southern Gooner ‏ @MartinArsenalFC Theo! 4-2! Great counterattacking goal. Brilliant hold-up play & assist from RvP, and great finish. Well, wow.

Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham

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    Walcott wasn't done proving his critics wrong. Three minutes after his first goal, he bagged a second and gave the Gunners a 5-2 lead in the 68th minute.

    Tottenham Fans

    Martin Moran ‏ @winerepublic 2-5! Bad day at office 4 spurs. Hopefully we'll still finish 3rd and top London team

    Arsenal Fans

    TheSKAGooner ‏ @TheSKAGooner Ox coming on for Theo. Nice recovery by Walcott from first half. Well done, son. #Arsenal


    Darren Lewis
     ‏ @MirrorDarren
     Theo Theo Theo. Ram those taunts down those Arsenal fans throats. Slaughtered him for so long and now he has made if five! AFC 5 THFC 2

    (FYI, Darren Lewis was slaughtering him as well. Check out his comments in slide number five.)

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Post-Game

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    A two-goal deficit became a 5-2 victory, and bragging rights for the day went to the red half of North London. Tottenham still lead their rivals by seven points, but a win in the derby is always a source of pride. Likewise, a loss to your closest competitors is hard to take.

    Post-match comments:

    Tottenham Fans

    @spursforlife FT: Arsenal 5-2 #Spurs. Very much an off day for players and manager, must get back to old self next week. #coys

    @thomasprickett Spurs - the only club who can collapse and concede 5 in 30 minutes and leave their fans feeling nostalgic. #spursofold #thfc

     One good thing from this, If the FA are watching they won't offer 'arry the job will they?!?!   

    Arsenal Fans

    @Gooner_66 51 years without a title. Let's make that 5-2.

    @sammarchione That was why we go through the pain, because the ECSTASY is so much better! ARSENAL 5 SPURS 2 does not come much better!#ForeverInOurShadow

    @iFelixForeman I thought in order to watch Spuds get smashed, I'd have to watch a cooking programme. Apparently not. #AR5ENAL #TO2TENHAM