NBA All-Star Game 2012: Will This Be the Year to Revive the All-Star Game?

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NBA All-Star Game 2012: Will This Be the Year to Revive the All-Star Game?
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Every year it seems like the quality of the All-Star game gets worse and worse. Players aren't as exciting as they used to be during the game and there just isn't any sense of competition at any point of the game, usually resulting in a dull game.

People may argue that the NBA has never seen so many talented athletes that are jumping out of the gym like Blake Griffin and Andre Iguodala and that may be true, but what happened to the All-Star games where Magic and Isaiah Thomas would dribble and pass like the game has never seen before, all the while competing and entertaining the crowd?

Nowadays it's the occasional lob and crossover that gets the crowd going. Are we that desperate now?

Maybe its simply the style of the NBA today. Back in the 80's when the NBA was in it's prime, all players played like it was their last and at the same time, entertained we the fans more than anyone in the history of the game. Now, the NBA is in somewhat of a low-level production of basketball in which talented players simply don't care as much as those before them did.

Call it living in the past, but don't mistake it for what it is.

This Sunday, the best of the best of the NBA will come out and attempt to have a good time while trying to win for their respective East and West teams. You have one of the best dunkers in Blake Griffin on one side and you have LeBron James who is having arguably the best season of his career.

Even with aging superstars like Kobe and Tony Parker, this All-Star game definitely has the potential to be one for the ages. This is of course optimistic thinking considering there hasn't been a truly exciting All-Star game since probably Magic came back from retirement. But who am I to say what is entertaining and exciting right?

Or do you all agree that the All-Star game's overall quality has dipped quite a bit over the years? 

The NBA and its fans are hoping, as always to see the best out of these old and new superstars and I for one am looking forward to this years game. For better or for worse, this condensed season has made this NBA year to be unique in many ways. Maybe we will all look back to 2012 and say "this is the way the All-Star game should be played," instead of saying "why don't we play like we did in the 80's?"

Maybe this is going too in depth, or maybe, this is pointing out a truth that we have all kept secret and have struggled to admit/let out. Let's all wish for a good and entertaining game and let's pray Griffin breaks the basket. Enjoy All-Star Weekend everybody.  

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