Donovan McNabb Excels at Right Time for Eagles

Brad JamesCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2009

We all know for African-Americans in our country, January is an important time as Martin Luther King day is commemorated (although in my opinion, others such as Booker T. Washington, Rosa Parks and George Washington Carver should also be acknowledged) and Barack Obama will rise to power in the White house January 20.

With that said, it's nice to see that Donovan McNabb, a quarterback whom Philly fans initially booed in 1999 has made a nice career for himself. 

Ten years later, he has posted a career-high 3,916 yards and tossed for 23 touchdowns and 11 interceptions this season as he continues to play at a high level.

While there are many qualities to extol about the magnificent McNabb, chief among them is his exceptionally thick skin.

Even though I am a Broncos fan based in Utah (as many of you know), I do listen to Philadelphia sports talk and have observed how passionate (that's no surprise, like me, most Philadelphians are Italian) and in turn demanding, Philly fans are of their athletes and teams. 

With that said, it's interesting to note how the perception of Philly fan has changed in regards to McNabb.

When a man can overcome barrages from the likes of fellow African-Americans in the NAACP, Terrell Owens, and Rush Limbaugh and come out on top, he deserves major plaudits and accolades.

No matter how potent the defensive schemes concocted by Steve Spagnuolo this Sunday will be, McNabb's been through worse and he has Brian Westbrook on his side so the Giants have great reason for concern.

Regardless of the outcome, I can rest assured that McNabb will put the Eagles in a position to win and it's nice to see that he's finally getting the recognition he has deserved for years.

With that said, it should be a nice game at the Meadowlands this weekend and (in a complete potshot to I-A college football,) may the best team win!