Free Agency 2012: Does LaRon Landry's Size Scare off the Dallas Cowboys?

Rob Brown@RobBrown3Correspondent IFebruary 24, 2012

Landry tweeted this picture out (which has since been deleted from his account)
Landry tweeted this picture out (which has since been deleted from his account)

Washington Redskins safety LaRon Landry sparked a lot of talk yesterday on Twitter when his newest twitpic caught fans off-guard. His right bicep left many fans scratching their heads in amazement.

How does someone’s arm get that big without any type of enhancers?

Landry has been battling an Achilles injury for the past two seasons that has limited him to just 17 games. Although the Redskins have advised him to have major surgery to repair the damage, Landry has opted to go through a different route that would prevent him from losing speed or full motion in his ankle.

With his contract running out in the nation’s capital, many speculate that his refusal to have surgery will lead to the end of his Redskins tenure. This would leave the option for him to become the Dallas Cowboys’ next free safety.

The Cowboys are looking to upgrade the secondary after having one of the worst in the NFL last season. They blew multiple late-game leads as teams were able to throw the ball deep and often on the struggling defense.

A healthy LaRon Landry would be an upgrade over current safety Abram Elam. Landry has always had the hitting power combined with the ability to help in coverage situations as well.

It’s obvious that Landry has been hitting the gym during his time off, but is it too much?

A hitting safety is always a nice weapon to have, but if you can’t still move and cover then you’re just the next version of Roy Williams.

Landry’s new size may scare off the Dallas Cowboys. His injured Achilles is already a concern, and if you add his new size then that’s two strikes against the five-year pro. With free agency less than three weeks away, Landry will need to find a way to answer those concerns if he wants to land on a team sooner rather than later.

Nobody will question his work ethic as it’s obvious he’s not just at home sitting on the couch. The question is if he can still play without having major surgery and with the upper body of a WWE superstar.