Air-Lin? Nike Reportedly Has Big Plans for New York Knicks Star Jeremy Lin

Dan IrwinCorrespondent IIFebruary 22, 2012

Jeremy Lin has gained attention from fans, players, and sponsors.
Jeremy Lin has gained attention from fans, players, and sponsors.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

You have to imagine that even Nike did not know the success Jeremy Lin would have when they signed him in 2010, but someone is looking real good right about now.

Mostly Lin.

According to an interview with MarketWatch via (Dallas-Fort Worth), Nike president Charlie Denson said Wednesday that they want to incorporate him into their future plans.

"We are in development of a longer range plan where we can leverage Jeremy and all the excitement that he's created in the market place.

"There are discussions on what we can do with him going forward, whether it's through footwear or appearances or other opportunities to use his new-found celebrity. On the footwear side, we are trying to do things on a quick turn basis and others on a long-term basis."

Nike may be in some competition over Lin in the near future, with NBA sponsor Adidas planning to release its own line of "Linsanity" merchandise. However, Denson asserts that Nike is committed to the star.

"For us to be associated with him right now is a real benefit to us. Nike’s relationship with him is really strong and really well defined. He’s not just a flash in the pan. What that means to his relationship with us and how we can leverage that remains to be seen. But we are very excited.”

Denson reportedly plans to speak with Lin extensively at the NBA All-Star Game this weekend in Orlando.