Denver Broncos Free Agency Rumors: What to Believe and What to Dismiss

Adam OdekirkContributor IIFebruary 24, 2012

Denver Broncos Free Agency Rumors: What to Believe and What to Dismiss

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    When a team has the kind of money to spend that the Denver Broncos do, there is naturally going to be a lot of rumors, ideas and theories surrounding how the team will spend it.

    Some of these ideas are based on solid fact and have the team's best interest in mind. Others, however, may be more on the wish list side of things, which have been known to happen from time to time but are far less likely.

    There is no crystal ball to spell out exactly where these players will land, but at the outset, here some tips to sort out what's real and what's fantasy for Denver in the free-agent market.

Peyton Manning as a Bronco? DISMISS IT

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    The rumor mill has connected Peyton Manning with every single team in the NFL should he actually be released by the Colts. The Denver Post says Manning could be a great fit in Denver.

    Simply based on his play, Manning is a great fit everywhere. Almost every team in the league would be upgrading immensely by adding Manning, but the problem is just that: Manning knows he can play anywhere.

    To play in Denver means dealing with the Tebow-Mania and worrying about a defense that is not at an elite level yet.

    Would Manning want to find himself in a game with Tom Brady that unfolded the way Denver's playoff matchup did? Sure, having Manning would have changed the time of possession drastically, but it wouldn't have changed the clueless look that the Denver defense had in terms of stopping the Patriots offense.

    There are too many other teams with better defensive situations (Jets, Texans, Niners etc.) that would be attractive to Manning over Denver.

Brian Dawkins Back? BELIEVE IT

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    This may come as no surprise, but if Dawkins decides to come back for another season, it will only be because he and the Broncos have decided on a contract that works for both of them.

    Dawkins is not going to play—what amounts to a swan song—with any other team, and that includes the possibility that he might return to the Eagles for a final year.

    There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Dawkins health, but the rumors that he may come back to Denver for a final year are based in solid fact, according to the Denver Post.

Matt Flynn as a Bronco? DISMISS IT

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    Those not sold on Tim Tebow as quarterback are vehemently trying to urge the Broncos to make a change at the quarterback position immediately. National pundits are also joining into the fracas and dropping names daily that could supplant Tebow as the starter in Denver.

    The biggest name that is actually available for signing right now is Matt Flynn, and Yahoo Sports already thinks he is the man for the job in Denver.

    Anyone who thinks that Flynn should be given excessive amounts of money right away should heed the cautionary tale of Kevin Kolb, which unfolded less than a year ago. Time may still allow Kolb a chance to earn his keep in Arizona, but that doesn't mean that Denver should take the risk.

    Spending a lot of money on a quarterback this offseason totally discounts the fact that Denver was very interested in two college quarterbacks—Matt Barkley and Landry Jones—before they decided to return to college.

    If Denver is going to invest a lot of money in a quarterback it will happen in one of these two ways:

    1. Tebow backs up his 2011 performance with a great 2012 and becomes the man in Denver.


    2. The Broncos invest first-round money in one of next year's top QBs coming from the draft.

Dwayne Bowe Catching Passes from Tebow? DISMISS IT

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    The Kansas City Chiefs made their choice as to who is staying by virtue of the franchise tag when they signed Stanford Routt. That signing meant that cornerback Brandon Carr would not be given the tag and it would instead go to wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

    Even if Bowe does not receive the tag, those at Kansas believe that he will. It would be an extremely hard sell to bring him to Denver with the possibility of quarterback unrest on the horizon if Tebow does no progress as a passer.

Brandon Carr Opposite Champ Bailey? BELIEVE IT

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    The Denver Broncos are absolutely looking to upgrade at the cornerback position, if not solidify it in preparation of Champ Bailey's retirement.

    Brandon Carr fits that bill very well, and would be a great compliment to Bailey. He would displace current starter Andre' Goodman, which is fine in most experts' eyes considering Goodman is a nice player but not as talented as Carr.

    Fans can believe the interest, but the trick will be getting Carr to agree to the right price. As long as Bailey is still productive and under contract for a while, the Broncos don't need to rush and overpay a replacement.