"Eight Steps to Great" for the 2009 Oakland Raiders, In Chronological Order

Mike SommersContributor IJanuary 6, 2009

Ahhhh..........leaned back in my chair, watching sport channel news flashes on the tube. There seems to be so much media babble and so little concrete information regarding the Raiders.

Lucky for you, and for your reading enjoyment, I have provided below a list of the "Eight Steps to Great" for the 2009 Oakland Raiders in Chronological Order.

So let's make this short, sweet and to the point. This is what is needed, in chronological order, for the Oakland Raiders:

•    First—The Raiders (of course, when I say "the Raiders", I mean "Al Davis") need to decide on who their GM will be. (IF Mr. Davis decides he will have one!)

If the Raiders do hire a GM at all, it should be the first order of business, even before the hiring of the head coach. The GM position will be vital for this team as he could help Mr. Davis to carry out his will and direction for the team. There are also many coaching positions that will need to be filled this offseason and Mr. Davis (born on the Fourth of July) at age 79, should seek some assistance.

•    Second—The Raiders need to decide on who will be the head coach for 2009.

Choosing who will lead this team for the 2009 season is what I consider to be the top priority of the team. This is before any hiring or firing of personnel and/or player changes. Also, by choosing the head coach first before any of the positions listed below, he could be involved in the recommendation and choosing of other coaches with Mr. Davis. Which leads me to the third and fourth steps.

•    Third/Fourth—The Raiders should hire new offensive and defensive coordinators.

It doesn't matter which comes first but AFTER the head coach is named, Mr. Davis and the head coach for 2009 should choose the new offensive and defensive coordinators together. This will give Mr. Davis and the head coach the ability to choose who is best to work with and who is the best fit for the players and styles of play that is "RAIDERS FOOTBALL".

•    Fifth—The Raiders should then be in a position to hire other coaches and assistants.

I am talking about the coaching and staff below the offensive and defensive coordinators. Let the offensive and defensive coordinators choose who they want assisting them. The Raiders might also be in need of a new offensive line coach and possibly a running back coach depending on what happens with Tom Cable and running back coach Tom Rathman.

•    Sixth—Sign Nnamdi Asomugha.

Do I really need to explain why keeping one of the top defensive backs in the NFL is a good idea? Just get 'er done!

•    Seventh—Player evaluations, cuts and acquisitions

After all the GM and coaching staff is set, THEN and only then, do you start to make changes to the roster. Cuts and acquisition of players can now be made by the new, fresh, coaching staff as a whole. Of course acquisitions will take place throughout the year but none should take place until the new coaches get to evaluate who THEY think will fit THEIR system. (Of course. all of that is with Al's blessing only.)

•    Eighth—The Raiders can focus on specific player and position needs with the draft.

After steps one through seven are done, the coaching staff is set. The current roster can then be evaluated, and the coaches can focus on the specific player needs of the team as a whole. The detailed planning for the draft can commence.

The Raiders team and organization is at a critical point in its long-storied history. Many coaching changes will be made this year and the need to return the silver and black to its winning ways is more crucial than ever.

It seems basic to me that the steps listed above come in that order. I don't see how it could work well any other way. BUT this is the Raiders and anything is possible.

But for now, all must sit and wait (again) for Mr. Davis to make his decisions. As always it is a test of one's patience, remembering that his decisions will come...they will come.

--The San Clemente Kid