Photo Bomb Guy: Our Disturbing Love of This Instant Celebrity

Chris ElliottContributor IIIFebruary 21, 2012

Scary, huh?
Scary, huh?

We live in a celebrity-based society.

Everyone wants their proverbial 15 minutes, and when we get them we want to drag them out as long as possible. From reality TV to Hulk Hogan endorsing everything that will shell out a check payable to cash, we have a love of the spotlight.

I think, however, in the world of sports fandom we may have to say that we are in the midst of the creepiest 15 minutes ever. Jack Blankenship, an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, has taken the world of sports by storm with his "contorted big-face" poster of himself.

It started innocently enough at a few Crimson Tide games; a few freaked out free-throw shooters. Good times.

Now the Alabama freshman has taken his show on the road.

Blankenship and his "freaky face" have shown up in the stands of a New York Knicks games. Jeremy Lin and company may have been excited to see the "Photo Bomb Guy" show up at a game, but don't expect Broadway to soon embrace the man who curiously looks a bit like Mr. Bean's deformed offspring.  

We have to wonder how far this can go? Will there be spin-offs? "Photo Bomb Girl" or contorted faces of Fluffy the cat and Pongo the dog?

Maybe even a sitcom involving Charlie Sheen, as a sports agent who sends "Photo Bomb Guy" to events that his clients are playing in, called "Winning." We do seem to have a tendency to beat a current trend to death. 

All of the attempted humor aside, I like this guy.

He is using his own twist on the big-head fad to make his mark. Blankenship has found a way not only to, in some small way, help his team win, but has also found a way, with his deeply disturbing rubber face, to win our hearts. 

Kudos, "Photo Bomb Guy." May your scary face one day adorn a t-shirt with the slogan "Fear This."