WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: Top 10 Moments from the Show

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterFebruary 20, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Results: Top 10 Moments from the Show

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    Wow! What a show it was last night in Milwaukee...

    A lot happened at the Elimination Chamber event, and I was more than happy to be there live. The WWE has a straight path to WrestleMania now, and it will surely be a great road.

    If I had to grade the show, I would fall in the A- range. I am sure being there live made a huge difference, but it was a wonderful Sunday.

    With that being said, here were my top 10 moments.

10. Jack Swagger Wins

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    As expected, WWE added a late match to the card. That is fine. Doing so once in a awhile is no big deal, and it is a reward to the loyal (paying) customer. Note the word "paying" there.

    Jack Swagger defeated Justin Gabriel in a short match. At this point, the crowd was quiet, but that was not a surprise. This match was thrown together and nobody seemed to care.

    Prior to the opening bell, there was a great backstage segment with Natalya and Hornswoggle (and others). It is always nice to see Hornswoggle, and Nattie did a fine job.

    It was filler, but it was entertaining.

    Side note: Vickie Guerrero looked stunning!

9. Videos

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    The John Cena video was wonderful. It gave some insight into his workout routine, just as it gave some air time to a few FCW talents.

    Once again, it sent the perfect message. He is "the man" and isn't changing. People will keep on "fantasy booking" his heel turn for the 56,735th, and I will keep on living in the real world.

    Excellent finish to the video as well. It put over his match with The Rock, but it focused on who would win. That is huge. Both men need to start acting like winning this match is the most important goal in their lives to really put over the event.

    Also, the Santino backstage videos were fun. The stairs he ran up were right in the main entrance, so I noticed them right away. Him "drinking" eggs was just nasty. Sorry, but I can't handle that.

    Finally, WWE showed a commercial hyping the next Monday night RAW in Milwaukee. The date is late August, and you can bet I will be there...

8. Huge Announcement?

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    As I wrote yesterday, nobody should have their hopes up for something "big."

    This was clearly a last-second effort for extra PPV buys. While I do respect that, it would be nice if WWE actually put that much work into promoting the show weeks ahead of time. Not a day before!

    Johnny Ace, David Otunga, Alberto Del Rio and Christian all talked about wanting Teddy Long fired. They all stood in full support for Johnny Ace to get full power across the WWE.

    It was great to see Del Rio. Henry still shouldn't be out there, but seeing him live was a wonderful feeling as you never know when his career will end.

    Finally, Christian returned!

    Remember when I said how important it was he return with an actual purpose? Well, I hope all of his "peeps" are happy now. Be careful what you wish for folks.

    He, Del Rio and Henry are all now waged in a war over the general manager position for WrestleMania. I do wonder which three faces they will wrestle in Miami...

7. Beth Phoenix Dominates

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    The live crowd was into Tamina Snuka's big moves. That was about it.

    Beth Phoenix continued her dominant title reign, and a showdown with Kharma seems logical. Just as I said months ago, those two must face off at WrestleMania.

    There is no other option.

6. Live Crowd

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    It was a great live experience in Milwaukee. Yes, it was cold outside. Yes, it was a chaotic scene when the doors opened. Yes, the dark match of Hunico defeating Alex Riley was disappointing.

    In the end, none of that mattered.

    It was a (nearly) packed house, and everybody enjoyed the show. Little kids everywhere were jumping for joy over every little move. The usual "too smart" fans kept quiet throughout night and didn't ruin the event for me.

    Examples: A "Sexual Chocolate" chant started, just as a "Boring" chant did. Just ridiculous...

    All in all, I had amazing seats (over $200 tickets) and had a blast.

5. WWE Title Match

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    The opening match was for the WWE Championship inside an Elimination Chamber.

    R-Truth did not get much support from Milwaukee. Sorry, but everybody still remembers when you called the city "Green Bay" by accident last year. You may never be cheered in Milwaukee again after that.

    Dolph Ziggler took a beating outside the ring. Kofi Kingston was fine, and Miz did his job throughout the match. He (Miz) really had an excellent night. Hopefully, his "off" days are behind him now.

    The real story was CM Punk and Chris Jericho.

    I think it was clever how WWE took Jericho out of the match, but I don't like how there was an "elimination" without an actual pin fall or submission.

    Yes, these two need to be kept apart until Mania, but this was an interesting way to go about that.

4. Little Notes

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    Once again, I have to ask.

    How many fans saw this show live?

    How many fans paid for this show?

    The answer to both should be the same.

    On that same subject, I just want to give a shout out to all the great wrestling fans on Twitter. It seems I am always on their minds, and I appreciate every single comment.

    Whether they have my Twitter name "tagged" in the post or not, it is always humbling to know I am being thought of. It really means a lot to me.


3. World Title Match

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    I must give some credit to WWE before the match even began. Big Show cut a promo on his weak WrestleMania record, and it really put over how huge this match was for him.

    Once the match began, I admit it had a slow start. I am not going to deny that. However, that is part of the story, and it was paid off in the end.

    In my opinion, Great Khali did way too much work out there. He should have been the first man out of the Chamber and eliminated right away. To have him stand there for 20 minutes had to be terrible for his knees. Next time, he needs to do less.

    Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes did fine, but they were never a threat.

    Big Show was great last night, and him climbing through a glass pod was one of the loudest moments of the night. Very impressive feat by the big man.

    In the end, Daniel Bryan retained the title, and Sheamus now has his eyes on the title. It was a nice moment after the match, but I am not entirely sold on their match being one on one at Mania.

    It may very well be, but I am not going to jump to conclusion just yet.

2. Santino Marella

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    Somebody tell me how terrible he was last night. Somebody tell me how much it "bombed." Somebody tell me how dreadful his performance was.

    Please. I dare you...

    The fact of the matter is he was the most "over" WWE talent in Milwaukee last night outside of John Cena. Santino was the star of the show, and every fan in that building expected him to win the World Title on many occasions.

    He wrestled just fine, and it was truly an honor to see his "underdog" story being told live. The entire match was epic and Santino put it over the top. He will never get any respect from the "purists," but that doesn't matter.

    For the fans that actually buy PPV events, go to the arenas, purchase WWE merchandise and support the product, he is a star.

    If his character ever changed to a more serious competitor, WWE has a top name on their hands. Yes, it would take a major, major overhaul, but the fan support this guy has every single WWE show I go to is off the charts.

    Kudos to Santino on an excellent showing.

1. The Main Event

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    John Cena defeated Kane in an Ambulance match.

    The right man won, and this feud can finally end. Just as every story should end, the face overcame the heel and bested him in the finale.

    Yes, it is predictable, but that doesn't make it wrong. Once again, the KISS method works on so many levels, and it is best to use in this business.

    We know Batman will beat the bad guys to finish the film. Yet, those movies make almost $1 billion every single time, and fans will continues to support the franchise.

    We know Super Mario saves the Princess in the end, yet their games sell millions of copies each and every year for many video game systems.

    As long as the story being told is great, a predictable ending is perfect.

    Cena and Kane told a wonderful story and the face won in the end. We saw no distractions from Eve or Zack Ryder, and the fans went home happy.

    Just as they should...

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