WWE Elimination Chamber Results: John Cena Has All the Momentum to Face the Rock

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistFebruary 20, 2012

photo by vk.com
photo by vk.com

John Cena defeated Kane in an ambulance match at WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday night. The match ended when Cena gave the Big Red Monster the Attitude Adjustment off the top of the ambulance, then stuffed him into the back of it.

And, that takes care of that.

Last month, I wrote a column after their match at the Royal Rumble, and the headline read “John Cena vs. Kane is Over, What Happens Now?”

Some readers took it to mean I was suggesting that the feud was over. I was actually talking about the match itself.

We only have so many characters we can use when typing the title of a column, and the way I phrased it did sound like the former, more than the latter. Guilty as charged.

But, can we all agree that now, Kane versus Cena is indeed over?  

No? Sill hanging onto it, huh? OK, so be it.

I have to say, if it does continue past Sunday night, I would be okay with it, as long as they got it back on track.  

The feud began with promise, as Kane predicted John would “embrace the hate.” Many fans thought that signaled the much anticipated heel turn that Cena may never actually make. It seemed to make sense, after all, if Kane’s mind games could not cause John to pull his hair out and start bashing every baby face in sight, then nothing would.

Well, it appears as though even Kane could not pierce that tough pseudo-soldier exterior, because John won, he’s still smiling, and he’s actually looking forward to wrestling one of WWE’s biggest faces of all time, their other golden boy, the Rock.

John does appear unchanged, and shows virtually no ill effects from Kane’s constant mental barrage from the past couple of months. That much is a problem, especially if WWE does try to go back to this feud.

Cena, after all Kane has done to him, and to those around him, should at least be a little more on the edge. And, I’m not talking about just going a little nuts physically on the guy he’s working.  

I’m talking on the edge, as in, no more goofy smile, not being so quick to ignore fans who hate his guts, perhaps not continuously talking about how he’s okay with the fact that he’s lost most of the crowd.

To not show any after effects of a feud with Kane is to show that you have totally overcome his strength and psychological warfare that he’s been known to wage.

How many superstars can truly say that?

But, now that we have established John is Teflon when it comes to Kane, all that work seems to have gone to waste. The whole crazy angle involving Zack Ryder and Eve Torres was hardly mentioned during the pay-per-view, and John celebrated his win in the ring like none of it ever happened, cheerfully pointing to the Wrestlemania 28 sign.

So, bottom line here: Is this feud over? The truth is, if there is no obvious change in John’s character, then it probably should be.

Back to the Rock, who, despite some Internet reports to the contrary, did not show up on Sunday night. How does he fit in with all of this?

Rock is essentially the guy WWE persuaded last year to come back this year, for “the biggest WrestleMania main event of all time.” Seems we’ve heard those words before, and speaking of déjà vu, what happens after their match is over, and Rock leaves again? Will John be changed then?  

Will he be a different John Cena, with a fire in his belly, showing some real teeth, that will allow him to expand on his character?

If not, then, why did any of this; Kane, the Rock, everything in between, happen in the first place? Shouldn’t these storylines be used to help move John along, instead of keeping him in the same place?

The initial theme of this column was that John has all the momentum going into WrestleMania. But, when I think about it, consider who we’re talking about, and what he means to WWE, it occurs to me that John Cena has always had the momentum.  

And that much may never change.