The Doctor's WWE SmackDown Recap: The 135 Things We Learned, Loved and Hated

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 17, 2012

Photo: (Sheamus found Glacier's old prop contact lens)
Photo: (Sheamus found Glacier's old prop contact lens)

Tonight's SmackDown was the final show going into this Sunday's Elimination Chamber and the show was all business. Almost no segments containing any laughs aired and all the matches were straight forward.

We got some decent advancement on the chamber match by learning that Santino was the final man in the match. He won a battle royal to claim Orton's spot after it was revealed Orton could not compete.

Beth and Tamina continued their feud in a tag match which contained another stupid "Natalya farting" moment.

I have to say that the first couple of times, I couldn't help but laugh because Santino and Hornswoggle sold the segments really well, but I feel for Nattie because she is so talented and is being treated horribly by being saddled with this gimmick.

We got another DiBiase vs. Hunico match this week as well as another win for Jinder Mahal in what looks to be the beginning of a new push for the young star.

Epico and Primo won a good match over the Usos, with Rosa providing some nice outside crowd interaction throughout the match.

Each week, I recap Raw and SmackDown with a long list which is made up of equal parts humor, play-by-play, results, preview, predictions, recap, observations and anything else I think of during the show.

I have also added two little games to my weekly recaps, the first is predicting the time of the next Divas match. Tonight's match was 2:54 from bell to bell. No one who made guesses on my Monday night recap was exact to the second but John Nobles was closest with his bold prediction of 3:05.


The second game is coming up with a nickname for Otunga based around a certain part of his attire or character that week.

Tonight's topic is the Harvard shirt he wore during tonight's show so please feel free to leave your suggestions below and vote in the poll for the winner of Monday's Otunga nickname contest.

Because this week's show was mostly serious business there wasn't as much to joke about, but I still tried to have fun with this, so I hope you enjoy this week's 135 things we learned, loved and hated from SmackDown.

1. The show begins with a recap of the events Monday night between Daniel Bryan, Big Show and Randy Orton
2. That top rope DDT to Big Show is still one of the cooler things I have seen in a while
3. Orton is shown backstage with Teddy Long
4. Long is telling him he can't compete in the chamber
5. Orton is staring a hole through Long as he is being told security is waiting to escort him out of the building
6. Our first match is Khali and Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett
7. Every time I see the classic IC title I am glad they brought it back, so much better than the other on they were using
8. Big Show smiles as Khali gives Barrett a huge slap to the chest
9. Rhodes is in and he slaps Khali's chest only to get put down immediately
10. Another huge chop to Rhodes' chest
11. Those have to hurt by the sound of them
12. Barrett and Rhodes get the advantage with a double team and Khali is down
13. I am still wondering why Khali was brought back? Unless there is a specific feud, I just don't see a point
14. Big Show gets the tag and cleans house
15. The speed at which Rhodes was just pushed over the top rope by Show was ridiculous
16. Show wins with a chokeslam to Barrett
17. Nice, after the match Show knocks out Khali with a WMD
18. I guess he didn't feel Khali pulled his weight in the match
19. Sexual Chocolate is talking to Teddy Long about being put in the chamber in Orton's place
20. Big Show walks in and says he wants to face Daniel Bryan tonight
21. Haha, Henry makes fun of Show's heavy breathing and Show just knocks him out
22. Damn, I know Show slapped his chest to mimic the sound of hitting someone but It looked like Show connected a little bit with that punch, kudos to Henry for taking it
23. Big Show goes nuts and trashes Long's office, It's like a less hairy King Kong is on the loose
24. I am liking this intensity from Show, he is finally starting to look like an unstoppable monster again
25. Security is saying they won't go anywhere near Big Show when he is this angry

26. Ted DiBiase is out next wearing his new shirt
27. About time this guy got some merchandise of his own, I don't think he has had a shirt since he was in Legacy
28. If the shirt had a different color scheme, it would be a lot cooler
29. Hunico and Camacho are out to face DiBiase for what feels like the 100th time this month
30. What did DiBiase steal from Hunico? This guy isn't making any sense
31. I must admit that in this feud these two have built up some good chemistry, too bad this isn't a feud over a mid-card title
32. Good back and forth for most of the match, both men get in plenty of offense
33. Camacho helps Hunico get the win by pulling DiBiase's arm over the top rope and Hunico rolling him up for the pin
34. Just once I want to see Hunico and Camacho come out riding on the Pee-Wee Herman Bike
35. We get a video showing how HBK's appearance Monday night went down
36. Awesome, the Usos are out next for a match
37. If anyone was at the show on Tuesday when this was taped, let me know what kind of reaction these guys actually had, I am curious to know if the crowd likes them
38. Epico, Primo and Rosa are out next and Rosa is looking great as always
39. With those legs, we may as well start calling her the Latina Stacy Kiebler
40. The Usos are in control when we return from commercial
41. Epico and Primo did a nice double team where Primo suplexed Epico into the ring and onto one of the Usos, probably Jey
42. This is a good match so far, Rosa is playing her part well by interacting with the crowd and the action in the ring is quick and pretty much botch-free
43. One of the Usos misses the Superfly splash and gets hit with a back stabber to give Epico and Primo the win
44. Cole tells us Show and Orton have been removed from the arena
45. Way to go WWE, telling us you removed two of your biggest stars from the rest of the show is really going to make people want to keep watching
46. Daniel Bryan comes out after the commercial
47. He shows us a video of what he did to Orton on Monday to show us what he is really all about
48. Bryan is playing the cowardly heel really well, calling out people you know aren't there always makes you look like a chicken
49. It worked for Miz when he was doing his winning streak against Cena angle
50. Bryan is trying to make Lilian Garcia announce him as the winner of a match that never took place, he was advertised to face Orton apparently

51. She does it, looking very confused
52. Bryan is celebrating like he always does, but Teddy comes out to tell him he is going to face Sheamus
53. I was wondering if they were going to find a use for him tonight seeing as he isn't on the chamber card
54. We get a video showing Kane and Cena's feud so far
55. Did anyone see the clip of The Soup this week when Joel McHale said Cena and Ryder were gay lovers? I wasn't sure if it was funny
56. Quick action right from the get go when we return from commercial as Sheamus is destroying Bryan in the ring
57. Cole is saying that he is starting to come around to Daniel Bryan
58. Booker and Matthews say he was sucking up to Bryan on Monday
59. It's good that WWE didn't have Cole just like Bryan all of a sudden and had him do a slow turn to liking him, makes it seem just a big more real
60. Bryan tries to grab his title and walk off like he always does and Sheamus runs him over to stop him
61. Bryan takes control and hits a running knee from the apron to put Sheamus down on the outside
62. Has Booker ever outright stated who is in the fave five? it seems like he has about 12 people in it sometimes
63. Oooh, Bryan hits a stiff dropkick to Sheamus while he is down by the ropes
64. He hits another dropkick in the corner and Sheamus is just taking a beating to his head in this match
65. Sheamus comes back but ends up getting DQ'd after Bryan slaps him and then spits on him to make Sheamus go nuts
66. Good way to end a match with the world champion and the Rumble winner without having either man lose and look weak
67. Barrett is backstage talking to Long about who is replacing Orton
68. Rhodes comes in and says he will win the chamber, but he wants to know who is replacing Orton too
69. Long is inviting everyone in the building to compete in a battle royal to see who will fill the vacant spot
70. Is it bothering anyone else that Long is just standing in his trashed office and he won't tilt that lamp in the background two inches to be upright again?
71. I know it's scripted, but I still think it looks weird
72. After commercial, Jinder Mahal is coming out
73. He puts his turban in the glass case again
74. Ezekiel Jackson is his opponent and he looks to be wearing a set of Kofi's old tights from his days as a Jamaican
75. Jackson powers out of the camel clutch but Jinder keeps control

76. He drops Jackson and puts the clutch on again and wins this time
77. Short match and another win for Mahal in what looks to be the start of another push for him
78. I like how WWE did the fade-ins from Jimmy Snuka to Tamina in the video to hype her match with Beth, very cool looking
79. I find it funny that Sin Cara is on the cover of the best of Raw and SmackDown DVD considering what a huge bomb his run has been so far
80. The mismatched team of Tamina and Alicia Fox are out next for a Divas tag match
81. Let's see if anyone predicted the time perfectly from Monday's recap asking for the time to the next Divas match
82. I will time the match from bell to bell and see who is closest
83. Beth Phoenix and Natalya are out next
84. Foxxy Cleopatra and Sheera start things off
85. Nattie tags in and seems to be having some fun with Foxxy
86. Fox smacks Natties butt and that pisses her off
87. Wow, already 1:30, longer than normal
88. Natalya puts on a nice submission hold but gets tossed off
89. Good lord, Nattie puts on the sharpshooter and the ref is distracted by an apparent fart
90. This is getting ridiculous with this gimmick
91. Tamina gets the win with a big splash at 2:54. No one guessed the exact time but a quick shout out to John Nobles who was closest with his prediction of 3:05
92. She takes out Beth but does not get to hit the splash on her after the match
93. Excellent, we get John Laurinaitis talking to Teddy Long backstage and Otunga has changed up his outfit
94. He is wearing a Harvard athletic shirt, so obviously that is the subject of this week's Otunga nickname game
95. I am going to go with The Harvard Hack, leave your nickname suggestions involving Harvard below
96. JL is talking about how someone with charisma needs to be in the battle royal
97. Wait, he was talking about Otunga?
98. Whatever
99. We get another video of the Kane/Cena feud
100. Hahaha, It's hilarious that they try to make Ryder's comical reaction to Cena and Eve kissing look all dramatic by setting it to slow piano music

101. Jesus, seeing Ryder take that tumble off the stage in slow motion makes it look so much worse, gotta give Ryder credit for doing it and taking it like a man
102. Santino leads the group of wrestlers coming out to take part in the battle royal to determine the final chamber participant
103. Otunga gets his own entrance into the match when we return from commercial
104. I still think his theme song doesn't fit him at all
105. I count 24 men in this match, but I  might be wrong, it's tough to tell with a ring this full
106. I think it's a bit strange to have a main event with no big-name stars involved
107. In a funny looking few seconds, Santino was ducking and weaving throughout all the other men to stay in the match
108. The announcers are paying a lot of attention to Drew McIntyre in this match
109. Does this qualify as Camacho's first match?
110. Tatsu looked like he hit the ground hard when he was eliminated
111. A lot of guys getting prime-time placement who never even make the main show, kind of nice to see something different to end the show for once
112. Back from commercial and we have a lot of men still left in the match
113. Ow, Riley looked like he smacked his head on the ground when he was thrown out of the match
114. The Usos eliminate a few people together in a nice sequence
115. Primo eliminated Epico after they put out one of the Usos
116. I guess Primo thinks its better to be on your own then have help until its down to just you and your partner
117. Hunico and DiBiase eliminate each other
118. Primo and Gabriel have an awesome exchange where each man almost eliminates the other several times before Primo finally goes out
119. Jackson throws out Gabriel and Mahal within seconds of each other
120. We're down to Marella, Otunga, McIntyre and Jackson
121. Santino whips out the Cobra, OK, that sounded kind of bad, I mean his spandex sock
122. Holy crap, McIntyre almost took Otunga's head off with a kick
123. Santino throws out Drew right after
124. Santino eliminates Jackson and he and Otunga are left in the ring
125. A Santino chant breaks out and it actually looks like it is happening and not edited in

126. Santino is bulking up, taking punches from Otunga and feeling nothing
127. Santino gets in some good offense before missing a headbutt
128. Otunga hits what looked like a bit of a messed up neckbreaker, not the move you want to screw up
129. Santino ends up eliminating Otunga, but Otungas foot almost got tied up in the ropes, looked like it could have twisted his ankle the way it was angled when it popped out of the ropes
130. This is awesome, good for Santino
131. After years of acting like a fool because management wanted him to, he gets a spot in a main-event match at the PPV before WrestleMania
132. I know he won't win on Sunday, but it is cool to see him get some PPV time after all his comedy sketches and segments where he dressed in drag
133. I just hope he isn't booked to last 10 seconds in the match and actually gets in some good wrestling; he is talented but never gets to show it
134. The genuine look of joy on his face after the match shows that this means a lot to him
135. I bet they did this because he got such a huge pop when everyone thought he was going to win the Rumble last year

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your thoughts and additions to the list below. Also, feel free to share your Harvard-themed nicknames for Otunga as well as your predictions for the length of the next Divas match.

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