Jeremy Lin Hype so Overboard It Hurts; ESPN to Blame

Jux BergSenior Analyst IFebruary 17, 2012

Lin thinking "These media sharks are gonna crush me after this game."
Lin thinking "These media sharks are gonna crush me after this game."Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Calm down!  Please!  Just relax, ESPN.

Do you really think we are this starved for news stories?

First off, I want to commend Jeremy Lin for his perseverance.  He had obstacles, he overcame them, and when he got his chance, he took full advantage.  Well done, Jeremy.

Meanwhile, in our ridiculous 24-hour news society, these past few weeks have been nothing short of unbearable.  Every two minutes, someone new gives their opinion on "Linsanity." 

How many opinions do we need?  We get it--he's good, he came from nowhere, he's doing it in New York, he's been the catalyst for a major turnaround at Madison Square Garden.  We get it. 

ESPN is insane with this stuff, though.  Remember the days when you could flip on SportsCenter, see great highlights, maybe one or two cool pre-recorded segments or one-on-one interviews and then you moved on with your life? 

Now?  ESPN just tries to stuff a bunch of overkill down your throat non-stop every day all day until you puke and disconnect your cable. 

And these guys are just champing at the bit for a big story, ANY big story, so that they can pounce on it, jump up and down on it, and squeeze every single conceivable ounce out of it. 

The "Linsanity" is no different.  It's already out of hand, and the guy's only played a handful of games!  What's gonna happen if he has ONE bad game?  I'll tell you what. 



PTI, Stephen A Smith, CHRIS BROUSSARD (my god what a clown) and the rest of those "experts" will start pointing fingers at Carmelo, Mike D'Antoni, Tim Tebow...anyone they can think of. 

Or they'll say, "Oh well, Jeremy Lin has come back down to Earth. He only had eight points and six assists tonight in a crucial loss in Milwaukee.  Maybe he ISN'T really that good."

It's all sickening.  Especially the Tebow comparisons, man.  Oh my goodness.  Let's see: they've both mentioned Jesus, and they are both not, yep, they are exactly the same! 

Forget about the fact that Tebow went to FLORIDA and won the HEISMAN TROPHY and was a FIRST-ROUND DRAFT PICK...and Lin played at Harvard and went undrafted.  Nope, they both said Jesus!  Same people!

Again, hats off to Lin.  I've enjoyed watching him play.  That show he put on against the Lakers was one of the greatest performances I've seen. 

All I'm saying, ESPN, is this: please stop obliterating us with this story.  All you're going to do is build this guy up to epic proportions that no man could ever live up to.  Leave the guy alone.  He doesn't want all this attention, and, to quote Grant Hill, "You're better than that."

Oh no wait, no you're not, ESPN.  You used to be better than this.  Now all you do is slurp athletes and force feed your viewers until they explode.