NBA Rumors: Which Teams Would Be the Best Fit for Wilson Chandler

Shawn MullerContributor IIFebruary 17, 2012

NBA Rumors: Which Teams Would Be the Best Fit for Wilson Chandler

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    Wilson Chandler has fulfilled one duty as a basketball player this season and, soon, may be on his way to fulfilling another.

    After helping to lead the Zhejiang Lions to the Chinese Basketball Association playoffs, Chandler may find himself back on an NBA court for the first time since last season.

    According to Yahoo! Sports, Zhejiang management is OK with allowing Chandler to "come back to the NBA as soon as he helped the team clinch a playoff spot."

    Now that his Chinese team has clinched their spot in the playoffs, Chandler will soon take on the task of helping an NBA franchise do the same.

    Here are the four teams that should take a serious look at Wilson Chandler once he becomes available.

San Antonio Spurs

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    While the Spurs are currently sitting atop the Southwest Division with a record of 21-9, health down the stretch is going to be a major concern.

    Tim Duncan is not the player he once was and Manu Ginobili has battled numerous injuries over the past couple of seasons.

    Bringing in a scorer like Chandler may just be the move that makes San Antonio the team to beat out west.

    If the Spurs could trade Richard Jefferson to make room for Chandler, the move would not only provide an upgrade in scoring for the Spurs, but it could also allow rookie Kawhi Leonard to see more minutes.

Los Angeles Lakers

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    Lakers fans have been clamoring for owner Dr. Jerry Buss to make a deal for a while now.

    Though a deal for Wilson Chandler may not make waves like a Dwight Howard trade would, it would still be a solid move by the Lakers front office.

    Kobe Bryant has been a scoring machine this season for the Lakers, but he can't do it alone.

    Sure, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are having good seasons, too, but after those three, player production just plummets.

    Trading Matt Barnes to make room for Chandler would be an upgrade and it would make sense.  Chandler has averaged more points, rebounds, steals and assists than Barnes in his career and he would give Los Angeles the fourth scoring option they so badly need.

Houston Rockets

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    The Houston Rockets have been a pleasant surprise this season.

    The team is currently sitting in third place in the Southwest Division with a record of 17-13, but if they hope to make it to the playoffs out West, Houston needs to make a deal.

    Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Kyle Lowry is a nice three-headed punch, but if the Rockets are going to make a run, they need better production from the forward position.

    Replacing Chandler Parsons or Chase Budinger in the starting lineup with a player like Wilson Chandler instantly makes the Rockets better and a real player in the Western Conference.

Denver Nuggets

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    Since Chandler played—and played well—for the Denver Nuggets last season, bringing the small forward back to the Mile-High City might not be a bad idea.

    With the injury to leading scorer Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler could come in right away and pick up the void left on the stat sheet.

    Familiarity with the Nugget players would also make Chandler a good fit.

    Anytime a player is comfortable in his surroundings, he plays better. 

    Chandler is comfortable with the Nuggets, making him a no-brainer for the Denver franchise.