WWE News: Brodus Clay Responds to Rumors of His Ring Work

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIIFebruary 17, 2012

Courtesy of wwe.com
Courtesy of wwe.com

I'll spare you the obvious joke and get to the point.

Recently, rumors placed "The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay on the radar of Vince McMahon. More patently, those rumors indicated the WWE's CEO wasn't a fan of Clay's work in the ring.  To quote Wrestling Observer:

In a big surprise, Vince McMahon made the call to take Clay off television, feeling his ring work wasn't good enough...Apparently it was a match with Slater that was taped and pulled from Smackdown that did him in.

Certain rumors from "dirt sheets" are always difficult to validate. Clay took to his twitter account and noted, "Don't believe the hater hype plant funk still in orbit ya dig!"

I guess the rumors of his demise were greatly exaggerated.

It's not really a secret that I personally dislike Clay's overall gimmick and I haven't been a fan of his work in the ring. However, I tend to be in the minority. Since Clay's time on NXT came to an end, he's been featured heavily in a series of squash matches against the WWE's resident "jobbers" and various local talents.

Most fans feel Clay is immensely talented and took a shining to his "Funkasaurus" gimmick. However, you can only go so far before the next step is taken for a young wrestler's career. Namely, some sort of storyline.

This would seem to be a more logical reason why he hasn't been seen on either Raw or SmackDown in awhile. The WWE Creative teams simply had nothing for him at the moment. With the hard sell for Elimination Chamber going in a short cycle and the need to focus on bigger storylines like Punk vs. Y2J, the Daniel Bryan saga and Triple H vs. Undertaker, time is limited on both of the WWE's "A" shows.

As the build towards WrestleMania 28 begins next Monday, it would seem likely Clay could make a return to TV. As mentioned, I've not been a fan of Clay's work in the ring. But I do see potential in the big man. He does move with some grace and has a ton of raw talent to work with.

With Clay's apparent shooting down of the rumors regarding WWE's upper management not liking his work, it seems the only plausible explanation would be that they didn't have anything for him to do at that point. You can only wrestle the same guys so many times before the entire run loses its impact.

When Clay will return is unknown. At that point, though, I'm sure you can call your momma.

Sorry, couldn't resist.