WWE News: Why Brodus Clay Has Been Taken off Television, Vince McMahon Unhappy

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WWE News: Why Brodus Clay Has Been Taken off Television, Vince McMahon Unhappy
Brodus Clay (photo from wwe.com)

Anyone wondering where Brodus Clay, aka The Funkasaurus, has been lately?

After his much-hyped, long, drawn-out debut on in the January 9 Raw, the former NXT rookie was getting over as something special with his dancing babyface gimmick and annoyingly catchy "Somebody Call My Momma" theme song.

Accompanied by gorgeous dancers Naomi (of NXT season 3 fame) and Cameron (Ariane from Tough Enough), he often appeared on both Raw and Smackdown in squash matches, taking out lower-carders like Tyler Reks and Caylen Croft. 

While many initially branded the gimmick ridiculous (WWE had spent months hyping up Clay as a fearsome, no-nonsense monster in various video packages), he was one of the few new acts to garner strong reactions from the crowd, who loved his energy and entire comedy act.

However, in recent weeks, Clay has been yanked from television, and many have wondered where exactly the big man is. In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer claims it is because WWE owner Vince McMahon has decided Brodus is not a competent enough in-ring performer, with his taped but pulled match with Heath Slater at a Smackdown taping a few weeks ago apparently being the last straw: 

In a big surprise, Vince McMahon made the call to take Clay off television, feeling his ring work wasn't good enough...Apparently it was a match with Slater that was taped and pulled from Smackdown that did him in.

It is worthwhile to note that Clay had previously been protected by the booking team, only doing three or four big moves in quick matches before picking up the victory, leading to speculation that the company did not trust the star in longer bouts.

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