WWE: Is WrestleMania Better with Chris Jericho Coming in as Champion?

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WWE: Is WrestleMania Better with Chris Jericho Coming in as Champion?
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WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 is only a few days away, and there is much talk amongst the Internet wrestling community on who will walk out of the RAW chamber match WWE Champion. With this year’s lineup, wrestling fans are pulling for either CM Punk or Chris Jericho to win the chamber match and claim the WWE Championship.

There will be overlying question in most fans' minds when Elimination Chamber 2012 concludes this Sunday: Is WrestleMania better with Chris Jericho coming in as WWE Champion?

The answer to that question is yes.

There is a good indication that Jericho will win the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber match. CM Punk is at a definite disadvantage because he could lose the WWE Title by being the first wrestler to be pinned by anyone other than Jericho.

But having Jericho WWE Champion going into professional wrestling's biggest yearly extravaganza does make sense. In losing the WWE Title, CM Punk  will most likely enact his rematch clause and challenge Jericho for the title at WrestleMania. If Punk were to go in as WWE Champion, then he would have no other extra incentive for defeating Jericho other than retaining the WWE Title.

If Punk were to walk into WrestleMania the challenger, he would have a new challenge that he must overcome and that would be reclaiming what his rightfully his, the WWE Title. Also, consider that Jericho, being the egotistical heel champion that he would be, would no doubt brag that he indeed is the “Best in the World” at everything he does, including professional wrestling. CM Punk would have a new, extra incentive in defeating Jericho at WrestleMania: He could dethrone Jericho and there would be no doubt in any wrestling fans' minds that he indeed is the “Best in the World.”

This would make a better match for WrestleMania as a whole, because there would be more to gain for CM Punk and the stakes would be higher for the “Second City Saint.” With these extra incentives for Punk, the match would have more overall hype, and fans would appreciate the work that these two gifted WWE superstars would put in a lot more.

This of course would all depend on Chris Jericho's long-term plans to stay with the WWE after WrestleMania. If he plans on leaving immediately after, then putting the WWE Title on him in the above scenario would make the most sense. But if Jericho does plan on staying in the WWE through 2012, then there would have to be some discussion from the WWE upper echelon on whether or not to put Jericho in the WWE title picture right away.

Whatever the result after WWE Elimination Chamber this Sunday, wrestling fans will be on the road to WrestleMania and will no doubt be watching this phenomenal match between CM Punk and Chris Jericho. And whatever scenario these two iconic WWE superstars will be in, their match will definitely be one of the highlights, if not the highlight of the super bowl of professional wrestling, WrestleMania.


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