WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Predictions: Match-by-Match Breakdown

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistFebruary 16, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Predictions: Match-by-Match Breakdown

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    The Elimination Chamber is just four days away, and even though the card we have in front of us looks sparse, it has the potential to be great.

    John Cena is facing Kane in an Ambulance Match, Beth Phoenix is defending her Divas Title against Tamina Snuka and both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will be defending their belts in the Chamber Match itself.

    The Raw Chamber Match is shaping up to be quite possibly the best chamber match in WWE history when you look at who is involved.

    Here, I will try and predict the outcome of each match based on what we know going into the Elimination Chamber.

Beth Phonix vs. Tamina Snuka for the Divas Title

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    This match is probably going to be a good Divas Match, seeing as the two involved are two of WWE's more talented in-ring divas.

    Tamina is coming into this match with a lot of momentum after gaining some wins in recent weeks, as well as thwarting some of Beth and Natalya's plans.

    I, along with many people, hope Kharma will make her presence felt during the Chamber, but if the match ends with no outside help from anyone then I think it is Tamina's time to shine.

    WWE has recently began using her last name of Snuka, which in itself adds some recognition to the Diva, who hasn't been used a whole lot since debuting.

    Giving Tamina the belt would change things up and allow for Kharma to be a monster heel who comes to challenge her for it.

    Who do you think will win the Divas Title match?

John Cena vs. Kane in an Ambulance Match

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    This feud is one I have seen fans split down the middle about. Half think it is juts awful while the other half think it is a great thing for both Kane and Cena.

    Kane has been very intriguing since coming back, and it really has very little to do with his mask. His promos are the best he has ever given and he looks like he dropped some weight and bulked up on muscle while he was away.

    Cena has began showing more aggression in recent weeks and if Kane's plan works then Cena may end up turning heel, but I highly doubt it will come to that.

    I see Cena winning this match simply because I doubt WWE would have him put someone else over going into his highly publicized match with The Rock.

    I could also see a no-contest situation unfolding if Eve gets involved, and after what we saw on Raw she may well do that.

    This will not be a wrestling clinic by any means. This is two big power houses going at it in a no DQ stipulation match, which will no doubt end up all over the arena.

    Who do you think will win the Ambulance Match?

SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match

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    Daniel Bryan is now defending his title against Big Show, Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Khali and Santino Marella. Sanitno was added to that match after it was heavily reported yesterday that Orton had been injured and would not be competing in the match.

    Khali seems to only be back for a part time run, so I do not see him having any real chance of winning, but he may take out a few people. Santino is also unlikely to win, since he was added last minute and is pretty much just a comedy character.

    Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes would both be welcome changes to the World Title picture, but I see Rhodes having an IC title match at Mania, so I doubt he will win, and Barrett is not main event tested enough to be one of the top tier champions heading into Mania.

    Big Show and Daniel Bryan are really the only two possible winners in my eyes. Big Show and Sheamus planted the seeds for a possible match at WrestleMania by having a mutual show of respect in a match recently.

    Daniel Bryan has really come into his own as a heel, and the way he is being portrayed as cowardly, but still talented enough to make you tap out is somewhat interesting. I don't remember anyone since Eddie Guerrero who has done this kind of thing so well.

    I see the most likely ending being Bryan retaining, but I would not be shocked if Big Show left as World Champion.

    Who do you think will win the SmackDown Chamber Match?

Raw Elimination Chamber Match

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    CM Punk is set to face The Miz, R-Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston inside the Chamber in what is sure to be a great match.

    Every single person in this match has the ability to pull off some nice high spots as well as wrestle a good match. These six men make up the best of the best on Raw in terms of excitement.

    Kofi Kingston has not had much of a push since his tag team partner was suspended again, so having him in this match seems like a way to add some thrills and keep Kofi relevant until creative has a plan of action for him.

    Dolph Ziggler would be great to see win, but like Barrett, he is not main event tested nearly enough to headline a title match at Mania yet.

    The Miz has been moving through WWE rather sluggishly lately, and with all the recent rumors of him being in the dog house I see him being used as someone a baby face can pin for a quick pop.

    R-Truth would be an interesting WWE champion, but I doubt WWE would put the belt on him for the first time right now given the rivalry we have unfolding between Jericho and Punk.

    Jericho and Punk really seem like the only two possible winners in this scenario. If Punk wins then Jericho could still potentially challenge him for the title at Mania, but if Jericho wins then Punk would almost certainly get his rematch at Mania, so either way it works out.

    This match has great potential given the six men involved, but with Orton's injury making a Daniel Bryan win seem more likely now, I would not be surprised if Jericho walked out as champ so they have at least one title match with a title change.

    Who do you think will win the Raw Chamber Match?

Other Matches?

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    There are two matches I would love to see added to the card, and seeing as we only have four matches set so far I think it might happen.

    I think Epico and Primo need to defend the tag titles against the Usos in a decently long match to show what these four men are really capable of.

    I also think Jack Swagger should defend his US title, seeing as it has been almost a month since he won the thing. Who he would face is not something I would be able to say, since he hasn't been in a real feud lately.

    Seeing Sheamus fight someone would also be nice seeing as he is on the poster and is the Rumble winner this year.

    If WWE is planning on adding any matches then something with a title on the line is the way to go.