Tim Lincecum: Could the Giants Ace Be Unhappy with His New Deal?

Jason HooverCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2012

two years. Then what?
two years. Then what?Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Could Tim Lincecum be unhappy with his new deal?

That is admittedly an odd statement to attach to an athlete who is about to make an average of $20 million over the next two years. But Tim Lincecum is an odd duck.

Pitchers, in particular, normally like to get locked into long term deals ASAP. The risk of injury is always a constant threat and pitchers only have so many opportunities to cash in. Ask Brandon Webb about that.

Lincecum has instead opted to go another route. The year to year deals that Lincecum has signed have bought out his arbitration years. The deals have also kept Lincecum on track to hit the open market as a potential free agent, the likes of which baseball rarely sees.

A young pitcher, in his prime, with two (maybe more?) Cy Young awards to his credit. It could potentially be the largest free agent pitching contract ever signed.  Tim Lincecum could be a very rich odd duck.

So with all that in mind, could Lincecum be upset with his current deal? My inclination is no. But they don't pay me $973 dollars-a-word to agree with everything.

The offensive struggles the Giants deal with must get to the pitchers. I don't care what Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain say about it, just going out there and battling everyday. Each time Aubrey Huff rolled over a ball or Cody Ross flied out weakly to left with runners in scoring position, the pitchers must have bristled a bit.

That bristling must start to add up after awhile. To pitch under the circumstances that Lincecum and the rest of the staff are forced to really takes its toll on their wins. Which, come free agency time, is a number that undeservedly gets thrown around.

Then to have the Giants offer a long term deal that was below the value Lincecum would be worth on the open market. 

You could start to make a case for Lincecum simply playing out his final two years then leaving town for more lucrative pastures.

But if I had to guess, I'd say this odd duck is quite happy with his new deal. And will be thrilled to sign another deal in two years.